Brittany and Marat

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How We Met

Marat and I met at our college dive bar, Our House East, during our Senior year of college at Northeastern University. It would have been your typical “we

met at a bar” story, if it weren’t Halloween night and I hadn’t been dressed as Minnie Mouse with ears and a white tutu.

Little did Marat know that I had been wanting to introduce myself for a while as I had seen him around campus a number of times and always thought he was cute… I just couldn’t get the courage to do it. But there was something about it being senior year, my Minnie Mouse disguise, and the fact that my best friend from high school was there with me visiting for the weekend that finally gave me the courage to walk up and say hello. After a night of dancing, karaoke and some macaroni and cheese, I knew right away that there was something about him.

We soon found out that we actually lived directly across the hall from one another and couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen each other coming in and out before. We hit it off right away, but decided to take it slow because he was graduating a semester earlier than I was.

It wasn’t until graduation when I invited Marat to meet my parents for the first time at a Celtics game that things became instantly more serious. After graduation, we decided to try the whole long distance thing while I went home to NYC and he stayed in Boston. We were long distance for almost 2 years, meeting at our half way point in Connecticut and visiting each other every chance we got.

Finally, Marat landed a job in NYC! As a city girl, I knew I wanted to be with Marat for the rest of my life when he said that he fell in love with the city too. Soon after, we got our first apartment together in the city and have been living happily together ever since.

Brittany and Marat's Engagement in Forty 1 North in Newport Rhode Island

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how they asked

Marat would do a much better job at telling the story of how he popped the question, but I will give it my best shot! Everyone who knows me, knows that I love a good surprise! Mostly, I love planning the surprises. So Marat, who’s not what you would call a “planner”, wanted to return the favor and really get me good. He started planning two months ahead of time letting only my immediate family and his family in on the proposal. He even took my parents out to my favorite restaurant in the city to officially ask them (so sweet!).

For the past couple summers it has been our little tradition to go to Newport, Rhode Island for a beach weekend to celebrate my birthday. We love taking the bike path along the ocean and sightseeing around the cliffs trails, just the two of us (this was the first year we managed not to get a little lost along the way!). I look forward to it every year! So it was no surprise to me when he told me he was planning our annual trip this August for my birthday weekend. Little did I know, he was planning the most memorable vacation ever!

On the second night of the trip, Marat told me he made a dinner reservation at one of our favorite restaurants on the water, Forty 1 North. He knows how much I love seeing all the boats and watching the sunset, so it made sense when before dinner he asked if I wanted to take a walk on the boat dock next to the restaurant.

As we walked down the dock, I noticed people on the boats enjoying their time and as we were standing there watching the sunset he turned me to face him and said, “You know how much I love you right?” I immediately knew then, what was about to happen and before he could fully get down on one knee I shook my head “YES!” When I looked up I noticed everyone around us cheering. It was such an amazing moment, but the surprise wasn’t over yet!

Once I turned around I saw the photographer who was hiding in the distance capturing the entire moment and behind her followed both of our families walking down the dock! They had been watching from above at the restaurant the entire time and were in on the whole plan. I was in complete shock and could not believe they were there. It was the most incredible thing to see their faces and know that they were there to share the moment with us. The night was filled with a beautiful dinner over looking the harbor. Lots of champagne, toasts & dancing. It was truly the most magical surprise of my life!

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