Brittany and Lev's Snowy Proposal in New York


Image 1 of Brittany and Lev's Snowy Proposal in New YorkHow we met: 5 years ago, to celebrate my roommate’s birthday, my friends and I went to the neighborhood bar to grab a drink at midnight. Since it was a weeknight, the bar wasn’t too full, and we noticed right away when a group of guys walked in just minutes after us. I nudged my friend with a wink and whispered, “How long do you think it will take them to come talk to us?”

A few minutes later, the 3 of them came over and started chatting. Lev, a shaggy-haired skater boy, started flirting and we talked the rest of the night before my roommates and I went home. We exchanged numbers and I invited him to my roommate’s big birthday celebration the next night.

The night of the party, he texted me saying he was on his way and showed up, skateboard in hand, all by himself. Impressed he came alone to a party where he knew no one, I knew he was special right away. We spent the whole night dancing and were inseparable the for the next 2 days. He finally kissed me as he was leaving my apartment at the end of the weekend.

Image 2 of Brittany and Lev's Snowy Proposal in New YorkAt that point he was traveling during the week for work so we’d spend every weekend together. He’d fly in on Thursdays and come right to my place where we’d order sushi. Four years later we moved in together, and after living happily under the same roof, we started talking about the future together.

how they asked: This week, meteorologists forecasted New York City’s biggest blizzard since ’96. When I found out my office was going to be closed the next day, we stocked up on beer and wine and hoped for a snowy day off. Although we didn’t get the 2 feet of snow as predicted, the city was shut down and there was plenty of snow in the park to play in. We plotted out the perfect snow day over coffee and pancakes.

After staying in PJs ’till noon, we threw on our ski clothes and started toward Central Park.

The entrance was packed with families in bright coats, sledding down the main hill. But by the time we walked into the center of the Great Lawn, it was much less crowded. We made up games, chased each other around, made snow angels and played on the swings, feeling like we were kids again.

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We made up a silly game that was a mix between baseball and tackle football, and when I couldn’t outrun Lev, he tackled me into the snow, and we were both giggling uncontrollably. While I tried to catch my breath, Lev sat up and said “I have a question to ask you.” As I saw him reach for his coat pocket, I knew he might be asking the question.

At that point, I was so surprised I pretty much blacked out. The next thing I remember is him saying, “Well do you want to put the ring on?” He slid my Great Grandmother’s ring on my finger and it fit perfectly.

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We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking champagne with our friends who lived nearby.

That night, we went back to the bar where we first met and they gave us drinks on the house, announced our engagement to the bar and posted a picture of us on their Instagram account. It was the most magical snow day I could ever have imagined!