Brittany and Kyle

Image 1 of Brittany and Kyle

How We Met

We actually met in our church. We both have the same testimony of how we were addicts and the lord Jesus delivered us and changed our lives. We started dating after knowing each other for 6 years! The rest is history. Our meeting I believe was a god thing and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with Kyle!!

How They Asked

We were walking along The Banks of Cincinnati and we sat down on the swings. I remember talking to him but he seemed kinda else where. (Now I know he was thinking of how to pop the questions).Then he says let’s go all down closer by the river. Then he got down and asked and all I could hear were all the strangers in the back ground cheering! Lol I said yes of course and then we start our walk of fame. Everyone that was on the swings were telling us congratulations and taking pictures. Lol definitely a day to remember!