Brittany and Kristian

Image 1 of Brittany and Kristian

For months Kristian had been planning a trip up to Big Bear in California for us and my family to go skiing the second week in January. He tried hard to keep it casual, but we had both talked about getting engaged soon and so naturally, I knew that he was most likely going to be doing it that weekend.

The only problem was that he really wanted to surprise me and knew that he needed to come up with a new plan, a very last minute plan, because I am so smart and hard to trick ;-). On New Year’s Eve, he asked me around Noon if I’d be willing to forgo our original plans of going to a couple of friends parties and take a spontaneous trip up to San Francisco instead to watch the fireworks. Loving the idea, we packed up and hit the road 1 hour later.

After checking into our hotel, we grabbed dinner at this Italian spot called “Bella” which happens to be his nickname for me. It was so delicious! Then I requested we stop by the hotel so I could change out of my sequined dress and change into sweatpants and a tshirt, to which Kristian reluctantly agreed to, but knew how much I prefer comfort over being stylish! Haha.

We went over near the Bay Bridge where a massive crowd of people were waiting for the fireworks to go off at midnight. I found a spot with a great view but Kristian decided it wasn’t pretty enough since there was a huge chain fence right infront of us. I thought it was weird, but I went along with it and we opted for a spot in the grass a little further back. The last minute of 2015, Kristian started telling me how wonderful this last year has been and asked me what my goals were for the new year. People started counting down from 10 and he turned to me and said that he had one goal in particular, which was to start 2016 on the right foot! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I had to ask him to tell me the story word-for-word later because I was so shocked that the whole moment still seems fuzzy! Overwhelmed with excitement I yelled “of course I will!” over the yells and screams of people cheering since the clock struck midnight. Fireworks were going off and continued for the next 30 minutes.

It was the best moment of my life.

Image 2 of Brittany and Kristian

Image 3 of Brittany and Kristian