Brittany and Kevin

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How We Met

They say the best relationships are those that start as friendships. Luckily, that is exactly what happened with this Louisiana boy and Arkansas girl. While in college at Arkansas State University, we often saw each other around campus. And eventually, our friends became friends causing us to form our own silly friendship. Over the years, and after several prompts from our mutual friends, our friendship evolved and our love blossomed.

how they asked

Every year, my family takes a vacation for Memorial Day. This year, Destin just so happened to be the spot. A few weeks before leaving for Destin, KT told me that while there, he wanted to see the sunrise on the beach. I thought nothing of it and agreed that it would be a cool idea. That Friday morning, Kt’s alarm went off at 5 am. While still half sleep, we trekked it down to the beach which was right outside of our condo. Once there, we immediately noticed that we actually couldn’t see the sunrise very well because it was located behind some beach side high-rises. We laughed and I even Snapchatted the fail. From there, everything else was a blur so I’ll let KT take over the story…. When we walked out to the beach and realized the sun was facing a different direction, I decided to just roll with the punches. We walked along the beach and did a little people-watching before we stopped to take in the views. While looking at the ocean, I told her that seeing the sunrise wasn’t the only thing I wanted to do. I explained that I was thankful for her being supportive and patient throughout our journey, and would love more than anything for us to continue on this journey together. That’s when I dropped to my knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes, the dolphins came out to play (literally), and the rest is history.