Brittany and Kevin

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How We Met

A week prior to Kevin and I meeting (October 30, 2013), my roommate/best friend, Sarah, had decided she was going to get on .. something I’d always thought was weird, but I also didn’t want to be the only one not going on dates so I decided to join her. Within a week of being on Match, I went on two dates, the second being Kevin. For me I decided if I was going to pay the money to find a quality guy (that sounds weird, but carry on) I was going to have to put in the effort and not just expect that a guy would find and message me … so I winked at Kevin. A few hours after I winked I had a message in my inbox. I can’t remember what he said, but he got my bio references and made me laugh so from there we were setting up a date and time for our first date. Erring on the side of caution I decided I would go to his house instead of him coming to mine (in case he was secretly a stalker) … also before I left Sarah and I Google-mapped his house and I gave her my iPad to track my phone (not so secretly stalkers) just in case. After arriving at his house I text Sarah telling her he looked like Ryan Gosling from the ‘Notebook’ and that I thought I was in love .. then we headed out in a tiny Yaris (his Jeep had flooded a week or so prior) to Matt’s El Rancho where we bonded over queso and margs (two of our most favorite things). After Matt’s, it began to pour and we blasted Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’ on our way to bowl — I won. Almost five years later we have a house and two angel fur babies.

how they asked

A goal of mine for 2018 was to pay off all my student loans and any credit card debt I had .. so I’ve been on a real tight budget and even picked up a second job to add extra money. The month leading up to the proposal Kevin kept offering to pay to get my hair done… it’s been 7 months and in the right lighting I sometimes look like I have a mullet due to the length of my roots .. so it didn’t raise any flags that he was wanting to help me out, but I didn’t want him to have to pay for that so I didn’t take the offer.

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Two weeks prior to the engagement I found myself with a whole weekend off from my second job and was excited to spend the Saturday with Kevin … until he told me he made last minute plans to golf, so when he offered to pay for me to get my nails and toes done I went ahead and took it. A week 1/2 prior to the proposal on a Monday I broke my phone and due to the 4th of July holiday wouldn’t get a replacement until Thursday — so on two separate occasions I went to borrow his phone and he grabbed it before I could, did something, and then handed it to me.

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At this point, I was suspicious that either A. he was planning something or B. he was cheating on me … I assumed A. but didn’t think anything would happen until the end of the year. The week of the proposal I talked to both my mom and best friend, Kayla on the phone about the strange activity, but they agreed that they thought it would happen later in the year and the rest of the convo was nothing out of the ordinary. The night before the proposal my mom flew into Austin and my aunt drove in so she could pick her up and drive her down South the next day — we were having a family gathering at the Frio river the following week and my mom wanted to spend a few days with her parents so this was not abnormal .. Now I have to back it up before we get to the proposal … both my Mom and Kevin share a birthday (July 15th), this year my mom turned 50 (sorry Mom) and Kevin 33.

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Prior to the proposal, Kevin begged me to take the whole weekend off from my second job for his birthday — I was already going to be taking multiple days off for the Frio trip and had a free weekend two weeks prior so I was pretty annoyed that I wasn’t making any extra money … especially since he was ONLY turning 33 .. I even told several people he was being a diva .. but I did as he asked without any questions. Fast forward to the day of the proposal (July 14th) we were going to go to breakfast at Snooze before my mom left so we could celebrate her bday, but because Snooze normally has a long wait my mom suggested we go get our nails/toes done — unfortunately I didn’t take the bait, sticking to my budget + my toes were still perfect from the last time (nails were a bit janky, but luckily I accidentally chose an almost clear gel polish the last time so you couldn’t tell), and said no let’s go eat.

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After breakfast my aunt wanted to get her eyebrows done at Ulta and Kevin had some pants to pick up from Nordstrom Rack. My mom and I went with Kevin and while there he asked me what I planned to wear to dinner (he wanted us and 4 other friends to go to Ruth’s Chris to celebrate his bday — DIVA). Being that I was on a budget I told him a jean skirt, top, and wedges (something I had just worn to our friend’s engagement a couple of weeks prior) — he didn’t like that idea and wanted us to dress up since it was his birthday, so he offered to buy me an outfit. I found an outfit, we went home, said goodbye to my mom and aunt and then started to get ready for the evening. While doing my hair Kevin complained of a headache from the hairspray and closed the bathroom door — he was trying to pack my clothes quickly without me knowing — he even asked me about my makeup bag, telling me how smart I was to keep it in there so I could easily grab and go (I was still oblivious).

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When we got to the car I asked him to pop the trunk so I could switch my purse out and instead of just staying in the car he got out and closed the trunk for me. Immediately I started thinking maybe something was going to happen at dinner like maybe our friends would cancel or something, but we got there and it was still a reservation for 6 and everyone showed up on time. So I forgot all about it and enjoyed the meal. After dinner we went out to Lady Bird Lake for what I thought was a ruined surprise for Kevin to see the bats on his bday, something we’ve never done being in Austin for so long(!!) — our friend Justin text me days prior saying he could get us a hook up for $10 a couple (within budget!) .. so we planned to surprise Kevin, but I ruined it because Kevin suggested we leave for San Antonio after dinner .. he even pretended to be upset with me. When we got to the boat the captain — who I thought was Justin’s friend (solid acting) — said we couldn’t use the toilets because they were “destroyed,” but they’d get them fixed by time we were going and they were still cleaning the upstairs so not to go up there yet. None of this alarmed me, and I was perfectly fine where we were. While standing on the front of the boat a drone appeared and Kevin told me to stop taking selfies of us and wave at the drone — I told him the drone probably wasn’t looking at us and we’d never see the footage anyway!

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I am apparently extremely difficult to convince haha. Shortly thereafter the captain told us we could go upstairs so I proceeded and as I was walking up, with Kevin behind me, Kacey Musgraves ‘Slow Burn’ began to play and I turned to Kevin and asked if he had a playlist going … he grabbed my back and I looked around and realized what was happening. He read me the sweetest 3-page letter that I don’t remember a word of because I was bawling and laughing (luckily he wrote it down) and at the end, I said YES!

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Afterward, I realized it was his cousin taking our photos and when we went below deck both of our families were there and our friends .. including my sneaky mom and Kayla! It was absolutely incredible and with exception to the few little things, completely unexpected! I never saw the bats though …

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