Brittany and Kent

How We Met

Kent’s Perspective: We met at Central Michigan University back in 2011 through my brother and his girlfriend, who oddly enough was Brittany’s good friend and teammate. I went to visit my brother one weekend and went to a lacrosse game of Brittany’s where I first laid eyes on her. After the game I held the door open for her and although I didn’t know it at the time, I fell in love. Our relationship started with texts, phone calls, and Skype dates while she was away at college (I was a senior in high school). The following Fall I started school at CMU and we spent the rest of college careers together. Everyday at Central with her in my life, I learned a little more about her and fell a little more in love.

how they asked

Brittany’s Perspective: On December 19th, 2016 I graduated from Central Michigan University but little did I know this day would be memorable for more than that. After the graduation ceremony, Kent, my family, and I went to the CMU seal in the middle of campus to take some graduation pictures. I took the typical pictures in my cap and gown before Kent insisted I take my graduation attire off to take pictures with him. After just one picture was taken Kent turned and began to talk to me about us and our love. When he got down on one knee I was in shock and completely overjoyed. My entire family was there to witness our engagement. His family, who hid near by to watch so they would not give away the surprise, also came out to hug and congratulate us. We had met at Central, fell in love at Central, and got to leave Central as soon to be husband and wife and I could not be happier.

Image 1 of Brittany and Kent

Image 2 of Brittany and Kent