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How We Met

Keith and I went to the same high school in San Antonio, Texas, but we only knew of each other in passing. Nothing more. My friend Taylor and I use to have an inside joke with one another about Keith thanks to her uncle saying that Keith looked like he could be her cousin (the resemblance between them is crazy!)

Keith graduated from our high school in 2009, but I wasn’t due for graduation until 2011. Then, on January 18, 2010, I received a friend request on Facebook from Keith! So random since we had never spoken before! I quickly checked his profile to make sure he didn’t have a girlfriend, and after accepting his request, I wrote a simple message on his page: “Thanks for the add!” We talked back and forth via that same post, and eventually we exchanged numbers and began texting EVERYDAY!

Our first date was on February 14, 2010. We went to the local movie theatre to see “Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief” after he met my parents. He even brought my mom flowers. He was my first kiss that evening and I felt super special being able to wear his high school football letterman jacket when it got cold. That was also the night he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We stayed together until July of 2013. I was finally in college at Baylor University (Sic Em Bears!), and Keith was still in college at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. The distance wore down on us, and we rarely had the opportunity to see each other since most of my holidays were spent at home. We broke up and went our separate ways. I moved back home to Washington state in December 2013 to be with my mom who had stage 4 colon cancer, and both Keith and I decided to date other people during this time.

I stayed home until January 2015 when I received a job offer that moved me back to San Antonio! As fate would have it, Keith and I rekindled our relationship almost instantly! He asked me to be his girlfriend again on January 31, 2015 (my parents anniversary), and I said yes! Around March 2015, we decided to move in together, and at the end of March that same year, my mom passed away. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through, but Keith was there for me. He held me when I cried, bought me my favorite treats for when I returned home from being with her during her last breath, and he has continued to love me as my mom would want me to be loved.

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how they asked

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I remember my mom telling me before she passed away that all she wanted was for my dad to be happy and not alone. Her wish came true on December 21, 2017! My dad met a wonderful woman early 2017 and asked her to be his wife, and Keith and I were invited to stand in their wedding as a groomsman and a Maid of Honor. We spent two weeks with my dad, his new wife, and my siblings in California at a cabin resort in Big Bear Lake, and then we spent a few days in San Diego!

Two nights before we left California, my dad suggested that we go out to dinner in Coronado, and then head to the beach for some pictures. I agreed! That night I dressed up nice since I knew we were going somewhere fancy. Keith shaved and put on a nice sweater, but I paid no mind to it. We had a nice evening at the restaurant and ate some GREAT food! It was time to head to the beach. I made it very clear to everyone that I did not want to walk in the sand since I had on my nice boots, but once we parked the car and began walking, I found myself WALKING IN THE SAND! I complained all the way to the lighthouse. I sounded like such a brat.

One thing you should know about Keith is that he hates taking pictures! So when he was overly enthusiastic about picture taking at the lighthouse, I can’t lie, my suspicions grew, but my sister distracted me with selfies and I again paid no mind to what Keith was doing. Keith came to me and told me to take some funny pictures and I played along. After my brother took about 3 pictures, Keith shouted to him,”Alright! One more picture!” In my head I thought,” Oh geez! I guess we’re not getting a nice picture tonight. He’s over taking pictures now!” All the sudden, Keith looks at me and says,”You ready?” I looked at him with an odd face and saw the look in his eyes. I was SHOCKED as I felt him drop down to his knee! He was actually doing this in front of my family! It was perfect and I felt horrible for complaining about walking in the sand!

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