Brittany and Keisuke

How We Met

Kei (pronounced as “Kay”) and I met through mutual friends during our time at Temple University. After our first date, I knew there was something intriguingly special about Kei (other than him being Japanese!) and I could not wait to see him again.

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how they asked

On October 10th, 2015, I thought Kei and I were simply going to Temple’s Homecoming Football game to cheer for our school and have a good time. Well, I was completely fooled!

First thing I must say before proceeding our story is that my fiance is a PhD student at Temple University and is currently working towards his PhD in Neuroscience, doing concussion research with Temple football team. Kei received his Masters in Kinesiology from Temple University in 2013. I graduated from the College of Public Health with my Bachelor of Science in Recreation Therapy in 2015. We are both Temple Made and Temple Proud!

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Kei received 3 tickets from Temple football athletic trainer, Masahiro Hagi about a week prior to the game. Kei suggested I should invite my best friend, Dana Sheely to join us. I was ecstatic and notified her about the plans!

Temple’s Homecoming game against Tulane was packed with students, families, and professors. The atmosphere was vibrant and I was super pumped to watch the game and eat Chickie’s and Pete’s Fries! – I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Once Kei, Dana and I found our club seats, I excused myself to quickly use the restroom before the game began. When I came back, Kei was gone. It dawned on me that Kei told me he had to escort someone on the football field and would not be too long. Gullible, I believed him!

Dana and I were just about to get something to eat, but that was put to a pause since a worker from Temple’s game approached us and said we were “randomly selected for the seat upgrade.” This opportunity entitled Dana and I to watch the first half of the game from the sidelines and get on the big screen with Temple’s mascot, Hooter.

On the field, Dana was overly happy and excited, complementing me from head to toe. However, nothing crossed my mind that this was going to be the best day of my life. During the first time-out of the second quarter, Dana and I were told to step up closer to the side of the field and we would be cued to wave at the camera. Oblivious, smiling and waving, the announcer, Ray yelled “Wait who is this guy?!” I turned around and there Kei was on one knee!!!! Saying that I was surprised and overjoyed would be an understatement. It took me a bit to even process what was going on! I screamed, said YES, and jumped on him!

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All of the sudden I thought, “do my parents know!?” As I was hugging Kei, he whispered in my ear, “Britt, your parents are here. Let’s go find them!” I yelled, “REALLY!?!?” Secretly, a week prior to this huge event, Kei traveled two hours to my hometown to ask my parents for their permission to marry me and gave them two tickets to the game (brownie points).

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I truly thought he was going to wait until our trip to Japan this upcoming May, 2016. He completely got me on this one! He had an absorbent amount of responsibilities with his PhD. I never believed he would have room to even think about proposing.

For several months, Kei planned this whole proposal perfectly with special thanks to Masahiro Hagi. Without him, this Temple on-field proposal would have never been executed. Dana was also a massive contribution to this proposal, since Kei planned very strategically with her sincere advice.

This beautiful proposal was the absolute best moment of my life and will forever be cherished in my heart. To see this moment go viral is just incredible and beyond my wildest dream. I love everything about my fiance from his beautiful mind to his sincere heart. Kei absolutely brings out the best in me. I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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