Brittany and Justin

How We Met

Growing up in such a small town we never got to meet new people. You grow to tolerate the same people from grade school until graduation and it’s hard to see anything in a guy that you once knew to eat glue. It was high school registration day and my best friend and I were working one of the booths at the school to earn the last of our volunteer hours for grade 12. A woman came to the table to register her sons, one in grade 9 and one in grade 12. She seemed lost and explained that she had literally moved to town the night before. We offered to show them around if she found us a few days later when school started. On the first day of school Justin’s mom found us and pointed him out in the blue t shirt standing in line in the library. My best friend and I walked over and tugged on his shirt “Hey! Are you Justin!” He definitely thought we were crazies.

Brittany's Proposal in Webster's Falls

We made eye contact and his blue eyes immediately caused my face to go flushed and I lost all control. He hung out with us for the day and we talked about his move, and how he had a girlfriend and a job back in London. I remember him standing behind the photographer smiling at me while I was getting my student card photo. I still have it, cheesy grin and bright red cheeks. He says its his favorite photo of me and my blushed cheeks and curly black hair are how he still sees me. We became close friends over the next 2 years and after him asking me out a dozen times I finally said yes….

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Webster's Falls

how they asked

10 years later….. When you have discussed the possibility of marriage and you’ve already been living together for 2 years and girl cant help but anticipate a proposal. There were many times I though for sure “this is it!” and thought about how I would jokingly say no or do something mean because I think I am funny. But this time really was it and I would have been happy if I could say no or anything else for that matter. Every thanksgiving we go for a hike with our fur-babies. This year Justin had asked his brother if he wanted to join and take a few pictures for us. We had an amazing day, great weather, and the pictures looked amazing. Justin’s brother hopped a fence to get a better view of the falls and said we should come down and check it out. All I remember is walking backwards towards the cliff thinking Justin was behind me and that his was going to scare me so I turned around and there he was, down on his knee with a beautiful speech prepared.

Proposal Ideas Webster's Falls

I immediately began to sob and couldn’t find the words….any words….I eventually brought myself to say “Finally” (jokingly of course) I was so lucky to have Justin’s brother there to share in the moment and photograph the day so that I can remember the details forever.

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