Brittany and Josh

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How We Met

Josh and I have known each other for about 7 years now, meeting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, my freshman year. Josh played on the baseball team for UNL and a good friend of mine, Chad, from high school, also played baseball for UNL. Chad kept trying to get me to come hang out with the baseball guys, and always being reluctant, I would say no. One night I finally decided to go over and that was the first night I met Josh (nickname Scheff). A month or two later, we became a little closer, as I asked him to go to my spring formal with me as a friend and he made the night so much fun! We continued being friends and grew closer as time went on, talking constantly, providing advice for one another as needed and whenever I came back to visit as I transferred colleges the following year, we would enjoy night outs together, getting dinner and drinks. I would have friends constantly joke, “Someday you are going to date Scheff” and I would think “oh my goodness, no way, I cannot look at Josh like that!” But sure enough, they were right, and two years after we met, we decided to give a relationship a shot and a great friendship turned into a even better relationship! Fast forward 5 years now, we have been loving every minute of our relationship together and continuing our strong friendship as well!

how they asked

This past weekend we were out in Denver, Colorado for a work Christmas party and I noticed right off the bat, something was off with Josh. His normal sense of humor, his chatty personality, was awfully quiet and he seemed out of it. Me, being the person I am, immediately was all over him asking him questions, making sure everything was okay but continued through our night at the party hoping all would be better the next day. But to my surprise, his personality seemed to COMPLETELY disappear the next day, which was the day we chose to go zip-lining and hiking in Conifer, Colorado with Denver Adventures. He was silent on the car ride to the location and was silent on our ride up the mountain. He kept telling me he was nervous for the zip-lining and I just kept thinking “how in the world are you nervous for this!?” We both love heights and rollercoasters so I just thought he was being ridiculous! As we were making our way up the mountain and learning how to properly zip line, he leaned over and asked me if we could hike off and check out the trail a little bit on our own. I said “Are you crazy!? We have to learn how to zip line with the group right now, but you can go by yourself if you want.” and kind of brushed him off! (Little did I know he wanted to hike out to propose!!!) So as we made our way to the first zip line, he kept leaning over and telling me that he wanted to go last in the group… which of course we stood in the front of. I kept saying “Why do you want to go last?! Are you really THAT nervous?” So sure enough, annoyingly, I let the rest of the group go ahead of Josh and I. I was so anxious to go on the zip line that when it came to be our turn I ran right onto the platform and started to get ready to head down, thats when Josh came up next to me, voice shaking and asked “Well are you ready for the craziest ride of your life?” Of course confused, my response was “Uh, the zip line? I guess?” In which Josh responded “No not the zip line, through the ride of life with me” and he dropped down on one knee. I was so shocked, I don’t even remember what I said but I just grabbed him and gave him the biggest hug and kiss! He tried putting the ring on my finger and I was like “Wait! We are zip-lining, I’m so scared I’ll lose it!!” So I made him keep the ring in his pocket- only after the following zip line ;) Little did I know that once I went down the zip line that the rest of our group knew he was proposing as well as all the instructors, so I came down the mountain to a clapping group of people, cheering and making us feel so special. Who knew a group of strangers could make the biggest moment in your life feel so incredibly special?! I wouldn’t trade our proposal for the world, and I truly feel like the luckiest girl to be able to go back to our proposal spot on anniversaries to come!

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