Brittany and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met roughly two years ago on a blind date. We happen to be from the same small town but never knew each other growing up.It was the cliche “when you know you know” story. Not only did we know but everyone around us knew.

We have been inseparable best friends ever since. We love riding in our old CJ7 jeep, spur of the moment weekend trips together and just laughing while cuddling in bed watching our favorite show.

We are truly made for each other; he is my better half, my partner in everything and my rock when I need one. He gives me the courage to be the person I want to be, a better me. I am just a happier person since I met him and his family and friends say he is too.

how they asked

The day Jordan proposed I was convinced we were going to meet his co-workers at Bern’s, a very high end local steak house. I didn’t think much of the plans; it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Not only did he plan well in advance but he went the extra measure to get his entire office and client in on the convincing. Jordan was emailing back and forth about details and what not with everyone and flipping me the emails with one line “FYI.”


On December 22nd, 2016 Jordan asked me to marry him.

That morning I worked a normal day, ran Christmas errands and walked the dog. To my knowledge, Jordan had been at work all day but he was actually at the site preparing all day.

He popped the best question of my life at a park with a gazebo right off of a gorgeous and infamous Tampa road, Bayshore.He hung cafe lights, he bought poinsettias and even organized for my best friend to be there with a camera for pictures I will love forever.

When Jordan came home that day I was already ready to go. He took a couple steps to get ready himself and we were off to the restaurant.He had convinced me in an email chain from that morning that a co-worker, Chris, wanted to catch a ride so I wouldn’t think anything of it when we drove past the street where the restaurant was.

I never suspected a thing until he turned into a park and said, “Let’s go for a walk.”

It was at that moment I knew. I knew the love of my life was going to ask me to marry him. This was the moment I head dreamt of my whole life.

We got out of the car and began walking towards this beautiful gazebo with lights and flowers and as we were walking I saw my best friend with a camera. I began to cry. We walked up the steps of the gazebo and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his partner in life. He told me he had known I was the one from the very first date.

I was trying to say yes but through the happy tears I ended up saying something like “um huh.” He had to ask “is that a yes?” so I screamed “YES!!!.”

He picked me up and swung me around and we kissed, and laughed and cried.

We stayed there and celebrated with my best friend, we took more pictures and then he told me my family was waiting at the restaurant and my friends would be there after dinner for drinks on the rooftop bar. The feelings that December 22nd evoked in me will never be able to be explained. Cloud 9 is a dramatic understatement for the high we were both on throughout the entire week and beyond.

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