Brittany and John

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How We Met

John and I met at the Cherry Brook Zoo in Saint John on May 31, 2013. This, however was not an accidental meeting. This was a planned meeting. We actually met in late January on an online dating site (plenty of fish). I remember the first day we started talking, I was at my moms work visiting her (she is a teacher) and I had received a message from a man, simply just asking me how my day was going. After asking him how his day was, he told me he was sick with strep throat. I immediately started laughing, not because I thought him being sick was funny, but because I get strep throat a few times a year. After telling him that he proceeded to tell me he is sick quite often. That right there was our instant connection.

After what seemed like forever, we both decided we were ready to met one another. I drove that day to the Zoo to met the man I had been talking to everyday for four months and although my heart was racing with anticipation, I remember being nervous. After an hour of driving and an extra 20 minutes of being lost, I finally made it to the zoo. About 5 minutes after that, I look over and see the man I had been thinking about since January. There was an instant connection that night. We continued to see one another when we could and our feelings for one another grew stronger and stronger. The rest is history.

how they asked

Before I begin the story, I should let you know that John and I like penguins. Not to have as a pet or anything, but just as our own thing. Our first Christmas together, I had bought him a pair of boxers with penguins on it, that same year he had purchased a pair of panties for me, also with penguins on it. It has now become a tradition of ours.


The day seemed like any normal day. I had got up that day around 4:00 am. I had to work a 5-1 at my part-time job (Tim hortons). After I was done work, John and I had planned on going into the clay Cafe, which is a little shop where you can paint your own pottery. After that we had planned on going to the beach, but stubborn me wanted to go to a friends house to go visit her and her daughter.

While at the cafe, John and I had both decided to paint plates. I had planned on painting a hot air balloon on mine with the words, ” you’re my greatest adventure,” on it. I was planning on giving it to John. I asked John several times what he was painting, he told me not to look. After he was done I looked over with a puzzled look. He had painted a penguin on it, with a rock and the words, ” the before plate” on it. I asked him what it meant, he looked at me and said, ” what do you need before you get supper? A plate.” Now to anyone who doesn’t know john that might spark a thought in your head, but anyone who knows him well knows that he is weird like that. I didn’t think anything or it nor did I question it. We left after that to go out for supper and after that we went to my friends house. I still didn’t think anything of the plate nor did I imagine anything would happen.

We finally got home around 9 and I was ready for bed, as I had to work the next day. John had asked me to go for a walk, why not.

We walk a little ways and he stops and just looks at me. I asked him what was wrong. He started to ask me about the night we first met, about sitting down by the water and picking up the rocks and throwing them. I told him yes I did, he then grabs something out of his pocket…

A rock. I looked at him kind of puzzled. He then tells me, ” when we were throwing rocks around, I picked one up and put it in my pocket. I wasn’t thinking anything of it then, but I knew there was something special about you. When penguins find their soul mates, they present them with a rock on the beach.” At this point I was starting to tear up. I took the rock and we started walking home. Again, I wasn’t thinking anything was going to happen, I thought John was just being his sweet, normal, self. I go to open up the front door and I hear him quietly say, ” would you like this rock instead?” I quickly turned around and he was down on one knee. I immediately started bawling. I think you have a good guess at my answer ;).

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