Brittany and Jody

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How We Met

Jody was 20 and I was 21 when we first met. It was never anticipated to be anything serious, we swiped right on Tinder. We went through a lot together over the years; nursing school, college gradations, commissioning into the Army, moving, family losses, and most of all grow together. We didn’t sail on a straight path but we’ve ended up right where we were meant to be together.

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How They Asked

We have been dating a little over six years. Our first deployment came about last summer. We had less than a month to prepare and didn’t know what to expect. Some people grow apart, others grow closer together but all we knew was that we were going to make this work. Jody left late summer 2019 and as the months unfolded, somehow we grew closer than ever.

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It may sound strange, but through the letters, care packages, and Facetimes we were getting the best versions of one another after all these years. We began to make concrete plans for our future, something I dreamed of making with him as my best friend. Fast forward again to March 2020 where we were finally reunited after all these months. The nerves and anticipation were overwhelming. We cried, laughed, and hugged tighter than ever.

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Jody soon removed his bags, got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife. He had bought a ring overseas as a placeholder and I was in awe. YES, I said obviously! We are excited about what our future holds and I’m proud to be a future military wife. ❤️

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Special Thanks

Cassandra SueAnn
 | Photographer