Brittany and Jim's Central Park Proposal

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Jim and I went to High School together. We met Junior Year and I took him to Junior Prom! We always kept in touch after high school but never dated.

One spring, a few years later, I took him to my sorority formal. To get him there, I drove from Syracuse to Montclair and then back! It was a long ride at the time but totally worth it looking back.

We had a great time at formal and started dating immediately after. (He also took a bus back from Syracuse so I didn’t have to make the eight hour journey twice…)

how they asked: Jim made me an appointment at Dream Dry in Columbus Circle, and didn’t tell me where we were going after. Little did I know he had made an hourly spreadsheet of how the day was going to unfold.

Jim picked me up at the hair salon and after a quick cab ride we ended up in Central Park. We started walking around and finally reached the Old Bay Bridge. It was such a nice day so the bridge was really crowded, swarming with people and even brides! Jim and I decided against walking on the bridge, and instead walked along the water.

Jim found a quiet cove and proposed… I quickly said yes!

Central Park Proposal

After, he told me he had hired a photographer to capture the moment which I was really happy about as it all happened SO fast.

We decided to take some more pictures with our wonderful photographer, as it was a gorgeous day. After that, we headed to The Plaza to celebrate with champagne!

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Later that night we had dinner at Bistango, our favorite neighborhood restaurant where we were greeted with Rose Champagne and left with Red Velvet cake. Overall it was the most amazing day, and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, thoughtful fiance. He even made sure to have fresh roses waiting at our apartment at the end of the night.

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Jeweler: Parian // Restaurant: Bistango NYC // Photographer: Stacy Seebode