Brittany and Jeremy

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How We Met

Jeremy and I met when I moved to Dallas, Texas 2 years ago. It was my birthday weekend which always falls on Memorial Day weekend and our two best friends were meeting up so we both tagged along. Jeremy and I both hit it off instantly and became friends. I remember he was so kind and sweet that night and made sure I was having a good birthday and he didn’t even know me. He made sure me and all of my friends got home safely. I remember he was one of the funniest guys I had ever met and I knew I wanted to get to know him more, little did I know it would grow into much, much, much more.

how they asked

We planned a trip to Barbados with one of Jeremy’s best friends and his wife for Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate my birthday. We decided we both wanted to go out of the country because we had never been and going with his friends was a fantastic idea because they travel out of country frequently.

I felt like maybe Jeremy would propose during the trip, but Jeremy isn’t predictable and he likes to keep Brittany on her toes so because it was her birthday and they were in Barbados she figured he would try to throw her off and do it some other time.

Little did I know Jeremy had been planning for this day for awhile. He went to look for rings with his cousin Silika, and even took a 4 hour road trip to San Antonio the weekend before to ask my Dad for his blessing.

It was a beautiful day in Barbados on May 27th. It was 2 years to the date that we first met. We all went to eat breakfast and after breakfast decided to go jetskiing, I was waiting for Jeremy in the hotel room and didn’t even know it but later found out I had sat on the ring because Jeremy had it under the sheets on the bed. He thought I had felt it but I didn’t. He was so nervous but I didn’t pick up on it. He said he wanted to go down on the beach to look for somebody who would let us jetski. I was in my own little world taking photos of the water and just soaking up the day. Our friends told us to get in for a picture, so we posed for a picture and then all of a sudden Jeremy was taking a deep breath and dropping to one knee. Everyone on the beach started clapping and neither one of us can remember quite what he said but we know one thing and that is I said YES to FOREVER and EVER!

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