Brittany and Jason

Proposal Ideas Bangkok, Thailand

How We Met

Well let me start out by saying music is my life, its truly what brings me the greatest happiness(till I met Jason).That being said I have traveled the world for music festivals. Back in 2014 my music festival schedule was jam backed, but I was looking forward to Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan the most. Before you knew it June was here and myself and a group of friends from Texas were headed out. We arrived and it was everything that electronic fairytales are made of, little did I know my Prince Charming was waiting for me there as well. On day two, I was dancing the morning away waiting for a friend when this complete stranger walked up to me and let me tell you, my heart stopped. He smiled and said hello, he told me his name and said he had followed me on Instagram and he just wanted the chance to introduce himself. After a few minutes of talking we parted ways, but the thought of Jason never left my mind. Once the festival was over we ended up talking via Insta and finding out Jason was from Ohio and I was located in Houston,TX. Thats 1704 miles to sum it up for ya, we ended up exchanging numbers and started our long distance romance. We went back and forth between Ohio & Texas for a year till Jason finally made the move down in 2015.We returned to Electric Forest in 2016 as couple

How They Asked

Jason and I both love traveling, since being together we have always made it a mission to go to new places. Back in 2017 we went to Thailand the first time. One of the places we stopped along the way was good ole Bangkok. A lot of people don’t really care to much for Bangkok, saying its to busy or dirty or just would rather be on island. I didn’t see it that way, I fell in love with the hustle and bustle. The charm of the locals, the street food, all of it was just a beautiful mess to me. So in 2018 when we decided to go back to Thailand, Jason suggested we should go back to Bangkok. I was ecstatic, 2 weeks before we headed out Jason suggested we book a roof top restaurant so we could see all of Bangkok.

Brittany and Jason's Engagement in Bangkok, Thailand

We searched blog after blog and settled on Above Eleven. Well before you knew it we were on our 22 hour flight and stepped off the plane ready to conquer Bangkok again. On our second day there we spent the day on the canals and sightseeing before heading out to Above Eleven. Once we got there, the place was on the 38th floor and we had a table right on the ledge you could literally see everything. Everything was perfect when Jason reached for my hand and started to tell me how happy he was and how much he loved me. When he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, and the whole 38th floor erupted in applause. It was definitely a moment I will never forget.