Brittany and Jarrod

How We Met
: Jarrod and I didn’t have some whirlwind romance, filled with a “love at first sight” story. While in college in Gainesville, FL, we “ran” with the same crowd of friends. We would randomly run into each other at parties, but we were both always in relationships with other people. Therefore, our attraction to one another was left unspoken. In 2008, after a summer in my hometown, I returned back to Gainesville, and not long after, I was single. I was friends with a lot of Jarrod’s friends and, as it turned out, Jarrod came back to Gainesville single as well.

One morning, we got a call from Jarrod’s roommates that he had been in an accident on the way to work. He was in the hospital and had broken his leg. After his accident, I helped him often by giving him rides to and from class. We realized we had a lot in common, and honestly, we were becoming best friends. I invited him to my cousin’s wedding as my date, in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. This is my favorite place on earth, and where my grandparents lived before they passed. We went as “friends” and left as “boyfriend and girlfriend”.

Three years later, we are still best friends and madly in love.

how they asked: My grandparents, who were married for over 55 years, both passed away from cancer right before I started college. My mother and father bought their house in North Carolina, not long after they had passed, to ensure that is stayed in the family. They spent three years remodeling it.

Thanksgiving weekend was going to be my first time seeing my grandparents house in North Carolina since the remodel was complete. Our whole family was actually going to be able to get together for Thanksgiving weekend this year and I was so excited!

We got to North Carolina, and I was blown away by the house. I suggested that we take a family photo under our favorite pier, since we were all actually together, which rarely happens. My family thought that was a great idea, and little did I know, that was the plan all along.

Friday after Thanksgiving, we got all dressed up, and went down to the pier for family photos. We were running late, as usual, and the family pictures were taking longer than planned. Finally, my mom said, “Brittany and Jarrod, it’s your turn for pictures”.

So, we posed for our first photo, and as usual, Jarrod made a silly face. Annoyed, because all I wanted to do was get back to the house, I pleaded with Jarrod to take a serious picture. While we posed for the second photo, everyone had their cameras out, and I felt Jarrod fidgeting. I turned to ask him what he was doing, and he was on one knee with a ring in his hand!! I froze and immediately started crying. I was speechless. He said, “Brittany, will you Marry me?”, and I of course (after a few speechless moments), said “Yes!”.

There were people cheering on the beach, my parents and family were in tears, and the best part, we had videos and pictures to document the whole event. Jarrod’s Mom then showed up in North Carolina, and we all went out to celebrate.

I never thought that he would be able to surprise me, and I must say, I was shocked. I wouldn’t have had our proposal go any other way or be in any other place. It was perfect and meant so much to me that he had done it in the town that had so much meaning in my life!