Brittany and Jarian

How We Met

Our story began around August 2015 in Atlanta, GA. I was in a new consulting career that required a ton of my time and I wasn’t having much luck on the dating scene. One day when I was landing back in the city from another busy client, I received a text from my cousin who informed me that there was someone a mutual friend thought I would be interested in meeting. This was really random but I trust my cousin so I asked him to send me her picture. I saw the picture and it blew my mind so I immediately asked for her phone number. I reached out and we instantly connected on so many levels. She was everything I hoped for and more. We communicated every single day and all day long for about 2 weeks until we had our very first date. During that first date, I actually told her I would marry her. She laughed, of course, but two years later we are engaged!!

how they asked

There are two things about my fiancé that make her LIGHT UP! 1. She LOVES photography. 2. She LOVES travel. Once I decided I would incorporate these two things into my proposal, I knew exactly how to get the biggest YES known to man. The planning actually started months before she even realized I was making the BIG move. This would later work in my favor when it was time to trick her into falling for each step of my proposal process. Let’s call it “Operation Boat” for now.

For context, when we first met she told me it was her dream to visit the Taj Mahal. I kept this little “nugget” of information in my memory since that day. So, step one in my process was getting us tickets to India. The next step was hiring a photographer to capture each moment. Quick note: (The photographer was in on the surprise and would play a very pivotal role in pulling off the proposal).

Next, I started researching Taj secrets and found an old photo of a little row boat in some water behind the Taj Mahal! To my surprise, there were recent pics with this boat in the water (Yamuna River) as well but they were very scarce. I reached out to my photographer who is from Agra and told him I wanted to propose on the little boat in the water behind the Taj. His initial response was something to the extent of “the Yamuna river is sacred, this is not allowed and could never happen”.

I laughed in my head because I am a firm believer that ANYTHING is possible. I insisted we had to find a way or I would just get on the boat and go for it and see what happens. In my opinion, I think he feared for my safety and felt bad for me so he gave it his all! Next, We find the boat owner, my photographer does some heavy negotiating and we are on the row boat. The time is near! My fiancé has no clue any of this has been going on around her. The boat arrives at the middle of the river and my photographer tells my fiancé to stand and face the Taj Mahal so he can capture some great solo shots. She is posing and so into it she doesn’t realize I am getting on one knee behind her. She turns around, I say the kindest words to ever leave the lips of man, she goes into complete shock and now I have a fiancé !!

Special Thanks

Harsh Argawal