Brittany and Jared

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How We Met

Jared and I met online, back in 2013. Both of us were wrapping up college and went on a dating site for the fun of it, more or less on a whim. Right away I knew our conversations were meaningful and deep. We would write long paragraphs to each other, discussing family, the future, and our mutual love for animals. After a few months of talking entirely online, we met in person. Things clicked very quickly, and only a couple weeks later we began dating. Three and a half years later, here we are!

how they asked

To preface this, our cat, Puffin, has her own instagram account. Jared and I both love animals and as soon as we began living together made pets a large part of our life. I love updating Puffin’s account and have a lot of fun with it. One day, early in the morning before a road trip, Jared grabbed my phone when I was in another room, and posted the attached photo to @puffin_gram. Since it was so early, I didn’t notice for a little while. While texting my best friend, she asked me if I was getting married because of “my” post on instagram. I had no idea what she was talking about, so I looked for myself. When I discovered it, Jared asked me to marry him! It was the perfect proposal for our relationship, between including the internet, our pets, and his way of managing to plan awesome surprises!

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