Brittany and Jake

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How We Met

We met a little over 3 years ago at a karaoke bar in a little town in Nebraska. I totally wasn’t expecting to go out that evening, but my brother invited me to go out for a few drinks and I agreed. She, similarly, wasn’t planning on going out that evening but she got off of work a little early and her friend and brother asked her to come out, too.

As fate would have it, we ended up in the right place at the right time. Our mutual friends “demanded” that we meet and that we were perfect for each other. I introduced myself and we had a great time chatting and dancing to the local patrons’ renditions of their karaoke favorites. When she got up and sang “Strawberry Wine”, my jaw dropped!! I had to see her again so I could hear her sing again! We decided to continue seeing each other. We are both VERY glad we went out that night.

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P.S. I actually told her that night that I was going to marry her someday :)

how they asked

After Brittany and I go to know each other, she told me that she had a 3 year old daughter. Like any guy with two special girls, I knew I wanted to do something really amazing and propose to BOTH of them. I wrote a song called “Can I Have You Both?”, which told the story of me meeting Brittany, and Alexis, and how our relationship came about. In the end, it comes around full circle and I ask Alexis to be my little girl forever, and if she’d share her mom and let me marry her!

To take it a crazy step further (without the girls knowing) I enlisted the help of some really talented friends of ours to record and edit the song and music video. We filmed the music video using some actors to play the parts of us (Brittany, Alexis, and myself) and to tell our story in some of our most memorable date locations!

After we had the song and music video ready, I HAD to plan the perfect surprise proposal. I reached out to our closest friends and family and had them arrive at a “Husker football party” which was the disguise for the actual proposal. On the big day, I told Brittany and Alexis that I had to leave for a work issue, and that I’d meet them at the football party at our friend’s house.

The girls showed up to the “football party” with all of our family and friends waiting! They came around to the backyard (completely surprised!) where I was waiting and we sat and watched the proposal music video. During the last part of the video, I got down on one knee, and proposed to each of them. THEY SAID YES!

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Our Video