Brittany and J.R.

How We Met: J.R and I were college acquaintances but both Pittsburgh natives! While I always had such a crush on him from afar, my now fiancé was a football stud and always with the guys. After two years, I had transferred schools moved to Providence to finish my undergraduate degree.

A solid four years had passed by when I ran into J.R unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve; ringing in 2013. Stunned to see each other we exchanged the classic “Hi, it’s so great to see you!” spiel and went on to celebrating. At the end of the night as he was leaving, J.R gave me a wholehearted “high-five” which we still laugh about to this day. The next morning I received the ever so charming “So, what’s up” text message. While I was reluctant to respond so eagerly- the smile on my face could not hold me back. The rest is truly history!

how they asked: Specializing in romantic surprises, during our routine email exchange at work J.R had let me know he had a few things up his sleeve to celebrate our 2.5 year anniversary over the weekend! Friday night began with a romantic couple’s massage and a lovely bouquet of fresh blooms awaiting my arrival at our house!

The next morning, feeling so relaxed, I woke up to a bedside Starbucks delivery to begin the day; but little did I know what J.R had in store. An afternoon of wine touring and tasting at the Narcisi Winery in Pittsburgh led to a charming afternoon lunch outside on the stone patio- underneath the covering as it was raining- how ironic!

Together, we enjoyed our favorite wines from the tasting and split a wood grilled pizza all while listening to the live music at the amphitheater on the vineyard grounds. During lunch, J.R had excused himself to “the restroom” and shortly arrived back to the table with an gigantic Kate Spade shopping bag! Absolutely surprised wondering, ‘how he pulled that off’ and what in the world is in that box’ the smile on my face said it all!

To my amazement inside the massive box (too big for my lap) was a book that J.R had made containing pictures from our memories over the past 2.5 years! Next to each picture typed was “Our First…” While slowly reading and remembering each memory from the very beginning, tears began to ran down my face in realization of our amazing relationship right here in my own fairytale story!

Before turning to the final page, my heart sunk when J.R looked me in the eyes and expressed his true love for me, our path and our future. On the final page, the iconic Kate Spade “Mrs.” necklace! To the left, my love was down on one knee and using my full name- he asked me to marry him!! With tears in my eyes, I exclaimed YES!

Image 1 of Brittany and J.R.

And as he told me to look to my right and our entire day had been captured by a photographer that he hired! The rest of the afternoon, we spent taking pictures on the vineyard with the sunshine beaming down on both of us! To continue the celebration J.R had booked an evening at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh after a romantic, private dinner at Eleven Restaurant.

Image 2 of Brittany and J.R.

Sipping champagne in celebration and reminiscing the entire evening into the next morning completed the day!

Image 3 of Brittany and J.R.

Forever, the best day of my life!

Image 4 of Brittany and J.R.
Photographer: Allison Wilde Photography