Brittany and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I met on August 5th, 2013 at a Dave Matthews Band concert at Alpine Valley is East Troy, Wisconsin. Ian and I both are huge DMB fans and it is their music that brought us together. We briefly interacted on Twitter with one another a few days before the show and decided to meet up during the tailgate. I ditched my parents and family to spend night 2 of the concert with him in the pit. After the show, we hung around in the parking lot together waiting for traffic to die down when he kissed me for the first time (which I had been waiting for all night long to happen!) we went to an afterparty together and hung out before we parted ways. Ian at the time lived in Schenectady, New York and I’m from Havertown, Pennsylvania. We kept in contact after the show and the conversations grew longer and longer and even though we were 5 hours apart our relationship grew. One month later I agreed to take the bus to Schenectady to visit him.

We had our official first date at a local food place called Jumpin’ Jacks where just as we were finished eating, a double rainbow appeared right above us. We spent the rest of the weekend watching Harry Potter and getting to know each other further, even though it felt like a lifetime of knowing him. He instantly became my best friend. After I left and went back home we agreed we would meet again the next month to go to another DMB concert in Quincy, Washington together where I officially fell in love with him. Ian and I dated long distance for 9 months until he decided to move to PA! Best decision ever, if I do say so myself. This summer will mark 5 years of knowing and loving my very best friend on earth and now I get to call him my fiancé. We have traveled to 37 DMB shows together over the last few years together 8 different states together to see this band that we love so much and that has brought us together. So… if you’re reading this Ian, I love you! And you truly are the best of what’s around.

And also, huge shoutout to The Dave Matthews Band for having THE biggest impact on my life and helping me find, my, forever!

how they asked

Well! I spent my whole life dreaming of the day I would get engaged. Where would I be? Would my nails be done? Will someone be there to capture the moment? Will it be private? Public? A grand gesture? Never in my life did I imagine it would happen on a Tuesday night at my parent’s house in the dead of winter!

Ian and I were supposed to leave for Mexico to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds on January 10th 2018. We had planned this trip 5 months prior and were so excited to go. The Monday before we left there was an ice storm and Ian got done work early. Only to call me and tell me he slipped and broke his ankle. I met him at the ER where he was told he needed to have surgery. He was devastated as was I about the entire situation.

My parents were supposed to go as well and the whole week turned into a blur of canceling and rescheduling flights and trips to and from the hospital to see Ian. Needless to say, he was unable to make the trip and since it was nonrefundable I decided to fly out on Friday and meet my parents (no worries Y’all, Ian was totally cool with it and wanted me to go! I cried the morning I left because I felt so guilty but still, he insisted I go.. for good reason.. keep reading) so as you maybe guessed by now, yes I was supposed to get engaged in Mexico on the beach seeing our favorite artist perform.

No, I didn’t have a clue that was what was supposed to happen. As soon as I left on my flight Ian and my sister with the help of my closest family and friends set up my Pinterest dream of an engagement. I got home on Tuesday night and I was exhausted. I had on leggings and a sweatshirt and my nails were most definitely not done. All I wanted to do was go home and shower. As we pulled up to my parents, my dad (who is a firefighter) told us to hop out of the car and not grab the bags because he had a call and we could get them when he gets back.

I was the first one to enter the house and when I walked in I saw a total stranger standing there (the photographer!) and the room was lit up with candles, balloons with pictures hanging from them of Ian and I over the years and rose petals that lead from the entrance way down to to other side of the room where Ian was sitting on a stool (cast and all) and above him was huge banner that said “Brittany Will You Marry Me” I stood for a second in shock and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “shut the f**k up!” to which I heard a roar of laughter. As I walked toward Ian I could see my entire family and my very best friends in the other room watching the whole thing happen! I laughed, I cried, and I said YES! YES!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My parents house

Special Thanks

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