Brittany and Greyson

How We Met

We met when we were both working as field campaign directors in Wyoming politics. I was 18 and he was 23, so we were just barely acquaintances. Flash forward 4 years and I was attending Baylor University and he was stationed at Fort Sill, OK for military training- serendipitously right across the Texas border.

After some initial conversation, I he said, “I know this is very random, but I was praying for a good Christian girl to come into my life and 5 minutes later your photo popped up. To that point in time, I hadn’t seen you in four years and then to make matters weirder, I can only travel 250 miles from base and you are 249 miles from me. I was hoping I could come to Waco and take you on a date?” We went on the most incredible date weekend and the rest is history.

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How They Asked

We were taking a weekend trip to “San Francisco”, but little did I know that wasn’t where we were going. We arrived to Sacramento late at night and, after driving for an hour to our hotel, I didn’t even know what city we were in and my boyfriend Greyson told me I had to be ready by 6:15 am for a surprise. In the morning, he escorted me into a white van and the driver told me that we were in NAPA and were taking a drive to the surprise. My boyfriend was in the car with me and after 15 minutes in, he proceeded to blindfold me. Once we got to the location, the driver told us to wait in the car. I was so nervous and had no clue what to expect. When we exited the car, I still had my blindfold on and my boyfriend said: “Should I pick her up and put her in?” I was confused as he picked me up and put me in some sort of basket.

After another minute he took off the blindfold and we were in a hot air balloon about 100 feet above the ground. He rented a hot air balloon just for the two of us to watch the sunrise and look out across the entire Napa Valley. After about an hour, we had descended closer to the ground and the guide said, “look”, and pointed to a sign that read “Will you marry me?” I turned around to find Greyson down on one knee in the balloon. He proposed in the air and then told me we had a few more surprises. When we landed, I realized he had flown both our families in to celebrate with us. After our champagne toast, we spent the rest of the day touring vineyards and enjoying the beautiful day. I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend.