This Girl's Proposal Reaction is The Best We've Ever Seen.


How We Met

Greg and I met 5-years ago at a surprise party for a mutual friend.  Greg came with a group of guys he lived with in Manayunk, and I happened to know those guys from high-school.  When Greg walked in, I thought he was SO handsome… I actually told two of my best girlfriends right then and there “I’m totally making out with him tonight”… and I did!  Clearly that was the right decision, because look where we are now!!

how they asked

Greg proposed to me on the beach in Brigantine after dinner on Saturday (May 30th). We went to dinner and Laguna Grill which is right on the beach. We love it there but usually just go for happy hour. On the way there Greg was saying how he didn’t realize how long the walk was, so he wanted to walk back on the beach since it was shorter. After we had dinner (well, I did… Greg didn’t eat. Which should have been an immediate red flag because he usually eats his meal then finishes mine), we had one of their famous Rum Runners on the beach and then headed back to my dad’s house. I was complaining half way there because my legs were sore from walking in the sand. We were singing and making up songs and being weird (as-per usual) as we were walking. We were at 5th Street beach and I asked Greg to get off there since my dad’s house was between 4th and 5th, but he forced me to go to 4th Street. As we turned the corner to walk off the beach, he had a table with chairs set up that had burlap Mr. and Mrs. signs on them with a bottle of champagne on the table surrounded by tea lights in the shape of a heart, and the words MARRY ME with a light up heart placed in the sand. I remember gasping and saying “no, is this for me? is this for me?” I couldn’t believe it!  I instantly lost it and began to cry (obviously) once I realized what was going on. I was totally caught off guard!




He said the sweetest things to me about how we can do anything together and how proud of me he is and how much better we make each other. I was so crazed and in the moment that when he asked me to marry him, I kept saying oh my g-d, oh my g-d and forgot to say yes! So finally when he stood up and scooped me up I yelled yes!!






I turned around to see not only a photographer, but my best friend filming the whole thing. I collapsed into the sand once I saw my best friend because I was just so overcome with joy at the entire thing! My sister ran on the beach and hugged us and then everyone except the photographer, Greg and I were on the beach to take pictures. I called my mom and then called my mom-mom and told them we were engaged!!! My mom was so shocked and had NO idea, neither did mom-mom which was so surprising.





We took a bunch of pictures with the photographer, we had some champagne, then we walked back to the house to get pictures with my dad.


We ran into the house and up the stairs and I screamed “WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!” then once I got to the top of the stairs I saw almost every single person in the world that I loved standing there!! Greg’s family, my family, my mom-mom (the most incredible woman on the planet), my best friends, his best friends. I collapsed into a blubbering mess on the floor and started happy crying (again, obviously). Everyone knew for an entire month and kept the secret from me! We were all together on Mother’s Day and everyone kept the secret.


I truly couldn’t believe it. I mean it when I say it was the best day of my life. I am so fortunate and blessed to not only have Greg in my life but both of our families and friends. I can’t express enough how special that day was for us! Greg did a better job than I could have done myself. I wish I could relive that day over and over again!






Photography by Paula Cella