Brittany and Grant

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How We Met

Grant and I actually met online on a dating site, although we often forget this is how we met! Our first actual date was at a local restaurant where we shared some appies and drinks. For anyone who is familiar with online dating, the first in-person meeting can be slightly nerve-racking. What if we don’t have a great connection? What if it’s awkward? WIll they go in for a handshake and I’ll go in for a hug? Well, the third option is exactly what happened to us. Grant went in for a handshake (like the gentlemen he is), and Brittany went in for a hug. We both quickly laughed about it, and we like to think this was sort of what broke the ice between us, making it feel instantly less awkward. Throughout the rest of the evening, we both felt an instant connection. It was as if we had actually known each other for a very long time. Our conversations were so easy, and we quickly learned we both have the same goofy, silly, sense of humor.

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how they asked

People always say when you know you know. And for Grant and I this was most definitely true. We had been dating for four years, and we both often talked about marriage and knew it was something we both wanted in life. Because we had talked about marriage very openly, I thought sometime in the next year or so Grant would propose, but I didn’t know exactly when.

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Grant kept throwing me off with subtle hints making me really unsure when it would happen. Then the day came. We had planned a hike at one of our favorite spots with a beautiful view. It was still February so the weather had just started to get nice for hiking, and we wanted to take full advantage of this weather and do an outdoor activity! As we were heading out the door, Grant ran back inside saying he forgot his keys.

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At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but he actually went to grab the ring he had kept hidden in our home. I really had no idea that this was when he was going to propose because it was such a typical day for us to go for an outdoor adventure. Then as we got to the top of the hike, it was the most beautiful view, and I thought Grant was starting to act a bit nervous. Turns out this was because his plan was to propose but he didn’t think about all the other people at the top of this popular hike.

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So he thought on his feet and suggested we go check out this birdhouse where there were clearly fewer people. And I thought to myself, that’s kind of strange because it’s just a small little birdhouse, and the view is not over that way. Once we got there, this is where Grant got down on one knee and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer. “Will you marry me!?” And of course, I screamed YES!

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special thanks

Photographer: Clint Bargen Photography
Event Planner: The Love Birds Wedding and Event Planning
Florist: Maple Ridge Florist Ltd
Makeup Artist: RoryJames Makeup Artistry
Hair Artist: Hair By Aurora
Wooden Heart Sign: French’s Designs
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