Brittany and Geoff

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How We Met

We grew up in a small town where our families were friends. He was much older than I, and SO dreamy. He coached football at the rival High School and as a cheerleader I was always finding some reason to talk with him. Though he wouldn’t look twice at me because I was underage when finally I was 19 and he had just moved back to our home town, we ran into each other at a concert. He tried to kiss me first! But I denied him. Feeling foolish, ( even if you ask his mom she said she ALWAYS knew) at the next concert I all but jumped him! (As you can see in the photo taken at the concert below) We’ve been smooching ever since :)

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how they asked

He was tall, dark and handsome, I was young, footloose and fancy free. He had just moved back to our small town, I had just come back from college. He was 32, and I was just 19. With our families being friends in our small town where nothing can be kept a secret and our age difference, one could say our romance was forbidden. But after that first kiss, we couldn’t stay away from each other! With no where to go we would drive the back mountain roads those hot, summer nights. One night we found a perfect bench! In the middle of no where with a breathtaking view when it was already hard to breathe and we sat, swooning and stargazing for hours. It wasn’t long before we were madly in love, living together, loving life together, and because we loved each other so much, our families gave in and loved us too.

Fast forward three years, while I was getting my nails done before our annual holiday champagne walk, Geoff went and set up the GoPro unbeknownst to me at this very bench. On our way over he made a detour. To my surprise it was our forgotten bench! He told me I looked beautiful and asked to take my picture where he actually turned on the GoPRo. When he came back he held both my hands and that’s when I realized what was happening! With my father’s permission he told me how much he loved me, loves me, will forever love me, and with my whole name asked if I would marry him!

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I said YES and jumped on him before he could even put the ring on and now I won’t ever take it off.

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