Brittany and Garrett

Image 3 of Brittany and Garrett

How We Met

We met in passing 5 years ago, through a mutual best friend. Fast forward a year, my friend finally told me that Garrett had been asking about me for a year since we first met. So, she told him that we would be at a bar that night and he could meet us there if he wanted to officially meet me. I didn’t know about this arrangement, and when he showed up at the bar he just stood there staring at us, not saying a word. I asked my friend if she knew the guy who was standing there smiling at us and she yelled, “Garrett!” Let’s just say things took off from there, and it all started with a beer! We’ve had a lot of turns and twists along the way. We’ve gone through the hardest times in our lives together, some things most people don’t endure in a lifetime, and we made it through it all together. I am an Emergency Room Nurse and Garrett is a Firefighter Paramedic, so when the Coronavirus hit we both have been working overtime on the front lines and braving yet another storm in life together. It only seemed fitting for us to get engaged during a global pandemic!! We knew that we had gone through worst, suffered unbearable losses, made it through nursing school, paramedic school, and fire academy together, so what did Coronavirus really have on us? Our love continues to lift us up and has brought so much light to the darkness that has surrounded us.

How They Asked

The day before he proposed, we were FaceTiming as he was at the fire station and I was getting ready for my night shift in the ER. He joked and said, “How come you get ready for work but the past few weeks all I see you in our sweat pants and a messy bun?” So I told him we would have a date night at my house the next day when we were both off, and we would both get ready. Mind you, at this time he hadn’t decided what day he was going to propose to me yet. The next day came, and I woke up after my shift to a text saying, “Change of plans. We will meet at [his parent’s friends backyard] for cocktails and takeout Thai food.”

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He called his family that afternoon after he picked up the ring, and said that he had to propose that day, so his family helped him set up the most beautiful arrangements. When I showed up, he brought me to the backyard and I asked where everyone was and he told me they were picking up dinner.

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I saw all of the beautiful arrangements and thought maybe he just planned a sweet surprise date night. But when he looked at me a certain way, I knew. He had to ask me twice because I couldn’t stop crying! But once I caught my breath, and I said HECK YES to a lifelong adventure with my best friend forever!

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