Brittany and Evan

how they asked: I was a waitress at Beef ‘o’Bradys and he and his friends always came in and I ended up always being their waitress. One day I was talking to the guys about how I couldn’t wait to see the new Harry Potter movie and that I wanted to see it at midnight and Evan said he wanted to see it too. We ended up seeing the movie and have been together for 4 years now.

20131030_213908How we met: Okay so, the proposal was almost ruined by me. I’ll start from the beginning. We we’re planning two trips to Disney, one for the food and wine festival in November  and  a big family trip to Disney in the beginning of December and I was pretty sure that he was going to propose at one of those times (I’m very hard to surprise). Evan, knowing me so well, assumed that’d be what I was thinking so he had a whole different plan in mind. It was October 30th (This time of year is my favorite and Halloweens my favorite holiday) I had scheduled an out patient procedure early that morning but I woke up extremely sick. I ended up going through with the procedure but felt like complete crap when I woke up from anesthesia. My lovely man took me home to rest and told me he’d run out to get me somethings. So throughout the day I was napping and he was off doing whatever. He comes home with two pumpkins because I had been saying how bad I wanted to carve a pumpkin. Me being sick and in a cranky mood, I told him I didn’t want to carve them right now. He seemed a little hurt that I said that but I brushed it off. He decided to clean out the pumpkins for us while I took a nap on the couch. Finally he brings them over to the table (me rolling my eyes being I really wasn’t in the mood) and I put the stencil on it and go to cut into it and he tells me to check inside to make sure that he cleaned it out well enough. And that’s when I looked inside and the ring was tied in there. He completely surprised me and caught me off guard. After he asked and I said yes, of course. He told me about how he had been working with a jeweler to custom make the ring and that it had finally got in and he couldn’t wait to ask so he picked it up as soon as it came in, he wasn’t running errands. It started off a crappy day but ended in a perfect one.