Brittany and Ernesto

How We Met

We were both in modern Mopar car clubs. We met while at a car club meet and greet at a pizza place in town. I had a slice of pizza which unfortunately gave me a stomach ache. As I stood there in the parking lot admiring the cars, hanging with friends, and rubbing my tummy in circular motions in hopes to calm my upset stomach something caught my eye. About 15 feet in front of me staring at me straight in the eyes as serious as can be he stood mimicking me. As soon as we locked eyes we both started cracking up and instantly clicked and hung out as if we’d known each other a lifetime. We even took this picture that same night.

how they asked

More than a year and a half later we go on a car/motorcycle cruise hosted by Elite Mopars with tons of friends we had made in the car scene. it was announced several times there was gonna be a raffle. Right before the raffle started the hosts asked if I had a ticket to which I answered “no” they soon rushed off and came back with a ticket for me. I thought nothing of I just thought they were being kind. I looked at the ticket and noticed the numbers ended in 26 my boyfriends (at the time) age. As the raffle starts I tell my friends “I never win anything” my boyfriend asked, “where’s your ticket!?” And I responded I put it away and how I had it memorized, still I thought nothing of his question. First raffle number is called… no winner. Second raffle number… nothing. The third number is my number! With a huge WOOHOO! I walk through the crowd of people and give my ticket to be verified. I get a bag, in the bag a box, in the box an envelope, in the envelope tissue paper, and finally wrapped in the tissue box a cellphone case that read “Future Mrs. Martinez”

Brittany and Ernesto's Engagement in Lake Henshaw, California

I thought I was having a stroke and asked what it said to verify what my eyes were seeing. The DJ starts playing Marry You by Bruno Mars also one of our dear friends is standing nearby with an acoustic guitar playing along. Then I see the crowd split open and there he is at the back down on one knee…my fiancé. And the rest is but a dream.

Our Video

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