Brittany and Dylan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Packwood Lake, Washington

How We Met

Dylan and I have the perfect, love at first sight story! We met while crossing the street at the same time in my small hometown while he was working 1,200 miles from his. We’ve spent the last 6+ years traveling the country until we finally decided to settle down in his also small hometown of Tenino, WA.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Packwood lake, Washington

How They Asked

He had held on to the perfect Coast Diamond until the perfect camping trip arose and he spent hours the night before rearranging his pack, forgetting extra clothes because of the saved space for the ring and champagne, of course. He waited for the most beautiful sunset and started gushing until getting one on a knee, surrounded by his brother and best friend. They luckily found out minutes prior in time to record the magic! We are currently planning our Cabo San Lucas, destination wedding as well as building a house. Dylan mentioned in December while closing on our property he promised once we got a house, we’d get a puppy. So here is Yote Fant! #ifanteven #fantasea101919

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