Brittany and Drew

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How We Met

Drew and I met through mutual friends during our last semester at Texas A&M University. We went on our first date in March 2015 and then spent every day together from then until we graduated in May. After graduation, Drew moved to Austin to begin his career and I was headed to Houston to start mine. We did the long distance relationship for over a year, spending every weekend driving back and forth between our places, before I finally accepted a new position in Austin. We moved into our first house together, got a new puppy, and started our lives together. I can’t imagine a better place to call home than Austin, Texas!

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how they asked

For my 24th birthday, Drew had organized a trip to New Orleans with all of our closest friends. One our first day, he told me that he had a little birthday surprise and that we would have to leave the group behind for a few hours. When we pulled into City Park, one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen, I saw a gondola waiting for us.

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We rode through the giant moss-covered oak trees, drank champagne and learned about some of the history of the park. After about 20 minutes, the driver pulled up to a secluded bank of the river and told us we were getting out here. Drew started to lead me across an old bridge and over to a small area that was waiting with the most beautiful set-up. One of our favorite songs started playing through a speaker and I immediately knew what was happening.

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After a lot of happy tears, I said “yes” to spending the rest of my life with my best friend. Drew worked with Project Proposal to plan the entire day and even had a photographer there to capture the entire thing. It was a dreamy and perfect day that we will never forget.

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