Brittany and Derek

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How We Met

Our story is a tad different than the average couple. Derek has been married before. He was married to a fantastic human, Nicole, who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. That was just over 2 years ago. When we met.. I wasn’t sure what to expect. How I’d feel… how any of it would turn out. But we fell anyway. We fell hard. I was offered a job 3 hours away and told him I had to take it.. he quit his job and came with me. And that was probably the moment I realized this was for real.

how they asked

We took our first real vacation the beginning of May. Hawaii! Neither of us had been, and we were overjoyed we were going to get together! We arrived and it was RAINING! Just our luck! We made the best of it the first few days.

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There was finally sunshine a few days in, so we drove around to take a hike at Pololu Valley Lookout. You drive to the top of the lookout (really pretty view) but the real view is when you hike down! Beach, spaced out tall trees and a TREE SWING!!

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I ran up like a silly school girl, yelling behind for him to follow me. He came up, started pushing me, until he stopped the swing… got down on one knee and started with “since the day I met you” (melt your heart, right?)

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Naturally, I said yes, and even more naturally we will start planning our wedding ? I never thought I’d get married … and now, in just a week of being engaged… I can’t imagine not marrying this man. Thanks for reading!!

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