Brittany and Denver

Brittany and Denver's Engagement in The Grill

How We Met

The first time we met we were both attending a meeting. Unbeknownst to Denver, I had been admiring him during the meeting. So I thought! I later found out he had picked up on my “secret” admiring. Luckily he was as interested in me as I was him. After the meeting, we struck up a conversation about my upcoming trip to California. Denver had much insight being that he is a native Californian. We spoke for a while and I thought he was handsome and interesting, but that was that. We went our separate ways and that was the last we would see of each other….until fate brings us together once more. A month or so later, I’m at a convention standing in line at the ice cream social waiting to get my sundae. I look up and who do I see? None other than the handsome hunk of man Mr. Denver Langston. We spoke briefly and I thought I can’t let him get away! So what do I do? Facebook friend request him of course! Hurricane Harvey would be just weeks away and I evacuate to Jacksonville Texas. During the evacuation, we chat a bit and decide we will get together when I return to town. Our first date wasn’t officially a date, we were just “hanging out”. We went to Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant. Our first real conversation of getting to know one another revealed we had an astonishing amount of Commonalities….from religious upbringing to past afflictions to food allergies. From that moment we really just “clicked”. We went for ice cream after dinner, and to the park after ice cream. We really just didn’t want the night to end. And well…the rest is history. From that moment we have been inseparable.

How They Asked

Denver proposed on Valentine’s day at The Grill. I had never been to The Grill but have always wanted to try it out. The food was delicious. The crab cakes were a wonderful appetizer. For dinner, we both had steak, shaved Brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes. Followed by Creme Brulee for dessert. After dinner we exchange cards. He wrote a very romantic heartfelt card expressing his sentiment. As I near the end of the reading he urges me to flip to the back of the card. I do and written in big letters it says “Will you marry me?” Denver pulls out the tiny black box and opens it to expose the most gorgeous wedding ring I could have ever imagined. He gets down on one knee and asks the question. And of course….”I said yes.”