Brittany and David

Image 1 of Brittany and DavidHow We Met: David and I met in college. We both were taking a pointless elective class, which neither of us were interested in. It had to be fate that the reason we were both in that class was to find each other. I would always show up to class in my Chi Iota Omega sorority sweatshirt, which in large print stated my letters. David immediately and secretly recognized my letters, as his close cousin was in my sorority. Caroline and I both held positions together in the sorority and we spent a lot of time together. David asked her about me and described me as “the girl with the short purple hair, purple sweatshirt and purple phone case.” I guess I liked purple at the time. Caroline immediately knew who David was talking about. Of course, Caroline didn’t hide any of David’s secrets… that he had a crush on me. She told me right away. At first, I didn’t really know who she was talking about, being that I paid attention to nothing in that dreadful class. After hearing of his crush, the more I paid attention to who he was, the more he caught my eye. There was something about him that I was drawn to. He seemed funny, genuine, witty… and just like a real man. Even though I knew he had a crush on me, I stayed quiet and waited for him to approach me. Well, that never happened. One day our professor was super late to class and I didn’t feel like waiting on him. I had a huge research paper due that was much more important to me than a silly elective. This was the first day David and I sat next to each other. But with my paper in mind, I got up and left. Later on that night, I had a meeting with my sorority girls at my house. We were drinking wine and talking about gossip and later on had plans of going to a sorority party at a bar. Caroline was in attendance that night. During our meeting she got a text from her cousin letting her know to tell me he covered for me in class that day when my professor took attendance! He told the professor I was in the bathroom. I thought that was adorable and funny at the same time and I immediately got excited. I remember my best friend, and soon to be bridesmaid sitting there egging me on to “just text him.” Caroline agreed I should. After a couple glasses of wine, I caved and got his number from Caroline. I texted him thanking him. I conversation continued and I invited him to the sorority party that night. To my surprise, he came! I don’t know if I ever took love at first sight seriously, but the minute I hung out with him that night, I fell in love with him. We laughed all night…and that was the first of many laughs that we’ve shared together over the last 7 years. He’s my best friend and someone I consider my true soulmate. I can’t picture my life with out him. Our relationship just picked up and we hit the ground running. We spend a weekend together in Pennsylvania with his cousins. I was sold on him. I knew that weekend he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I didn’t want anyone else but him. Every day my love for him gets stronger and stronger.

Image 2 of Brittany and Davidhow they asked: David and I love to travel. In the past 7 years, we’ve been to so many places and have tons of memories together. One of our favorite places to go is California. We got our dog, Peanut there together. One our favorite places in California is the Flower Fields of Carlsbad. It’s only open three months of the year and has acres and acres of beautiful multicolored flowers. The first time we were here I was in my glory! I’m a true flower child. I love nature and being in that environment with the love of my life is a dream come true. I told David the first time we were at the Flower Fields, that I could see us doing an engagement photo shoot here if we ever got engaged. David agreed. One year after this conversation, we had another trip planned to California with my two best friends, David and his brother. My father lives in California, so we were able to stay at his house. On April 18th, we all woke up and got dressed to go to the Flower Fields. I was so excited to be back there and to take people who never been! When we got there, we took a couple of nice pictures, but wanted to get the perfect shot. David pointed to a spot he thought would be most picturesque. When we went to take the picture, he got down on his knee in front of our friends and family. I was shaking and beaming with joy. I couldn’t believe this was the moment I’ve dreamed about since I was a little girl. To have a perfect man in front of me, in my favorite place in the world… it was priceless. David told me we have a lot of good memories in California and wanted to make one more. He told me he knew from the moment he first saw me in class, he knew he wanted to spend forever with me. He told me he loved me from the moment he laid eyes on me. His words meant so much to me and I have felt that love ever since I met him. He loves like no other person. My ring is gorgeous and everything I ever dreamed of. He told me he selected five diamonds going up the side because that’s my dogs birthday (July 5th) and he chose 4 diamonds going across, because that’s his lucky number. I’m so lucky to have him. I can’t wait to marry him! We are going to make it official on August 19, 2016 at the Ashford Estate.