Brittany and David

How We Met: David and I met on Tinder, thank goodness we both swiped right!

how they asked: David had been telling me for weeks that he had a special date planned for the two of us on April 19, 2015. This was no surprise given that we had become an official couple on the same date one year prior.

The morning of the proposal I stroll out of the bedroom ready to spend the entire day with him, when he tells me to sit down on the couch. He proceeds to hand me a rolled up piece of paper which I would find to be the first clue in a homemade “treasure hunt.” That first clue led me to one of our favorite restaurants where I would find my mom and step-dad waiting to join me for brunch. It’s a three-hour drive from my rural hometown to Philly and my parents usually rely on me to coordinate their visits so as soon as I saw them I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen. The remaining clues, which I was given strict orders not to open until their respective times, would lead me to the nail salon to get a fresh manicure with one of my good friends, to a restaurant where we had one of our first dates for beers with my father, and finally back to the apartment that David and I share where I would find a dress that he had rented for me hanging in the closet. I was to change and then Skype my best friend who moved to Chicago last year to get my final clue once I was ready. Dave thought of everything that day including fitting in potty breaks for our min-pin and allowing me an hour to change because he knows how long he sometimes has to wait for me to get ready ;) He even had my other best friend from my hometown give me an unexpected call to see “what I was up to.” I later found out that this was Dave’s way of finding out whether I would be on time. When I received my final clue, it took me less than five seconds to know exactly where I was headed.. we had “cut a rug” many times on the decks of the Moshulu while attending 90’s themed dance parties and what better place to find treasure than on a boat?

Even though I had known what was going on for the better part of the day, I didn’t get nervous until I was walking up the stairs to the highest deck of the boat. The moment I saw him I burst into happy tears and couldn’t stop crying until after I had the “treasure” on my finger.

Image 1 of Brittany and David

He even had to ask me twice whether I said yes because he couldn’t make it out through all of the sobs! After that we had dinner (which became leftovers because we both were too excited to eat) and champagne on the boat. I know that Dave considers the diamond on my left hand treasure, but what I treasure most is the fact that I found a man as loving and thoughtful as him to spend my life with.

Image 2 of Brittany and David