Brittany and Darren

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How We Met

In March 2006 I was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding. He was the best man in his brothers wedding. (My sister married his brother). I went into the rehearsal Hall and I seen him and I was instantly drawn to him. Asked my sister who he was. She laughed because he was staying with them from out of town and he had seen a picture of me and asked the same thing. In the wedding party we were the only people who didn’t smoke. So while the bride and groom were getting photos and everyone else was smoking, him and I spent that time together. We were inseparable for the remainder of his week staying with my sister. When my sister and brother in law left with him to go on their honeymoon (he lived in Las Vegas and they would be staying with him) we exchanged info. Several days into my sisters honeymoon I had emailed her about him. I hadn’t heard from him and was so upset. (I already knew I loved him). Not 5 minutes after I emailed her, he emailed me apologizing for not emailing… since that email we emailed each other several times a day. We would call each other and talk for hours. I moved in with my sister and bil shortly after the honeymoon. A few weeks after I moved in, Darren told me he was moving back to Canada because at the wedding he had seen how unwell his mother was. He moved in with his brother (and my sister) until he could get a place of his own. (keep in mind I am living with them). He moved home on May 20, 2006. We started dating officially that day and the rest is history…

how they asked

May 20, 2006 we started dating officially. Our first date was at the Skylone Tower. We had dinner in the Revolving dining room in Niagara Falls. On our 3rd anniversary Darren told me he was taking me out but refused to tell me where. So we get to the Skylone Tower and I am so excited because he had surprised me by taking me to our first date place. We go up to the Revolving dining room and he had reserved 2 tables for us. One was for us the other for this Beautiful bouquet of flowers (the flowers we had discussed being ou wedding flowers when we got married). I thought that was my anniversary gift. I had ordered the chicken Caesar salad for my meal. The waitress came over after some time and said they were having trouble with my chicken. She suggested that while they sort it out and cook me a new chicken we should go up to the observation deck. So we went up to the observation deck. At this time I am starving and starting to get a bit cranky. We get out of the elevator and I am freezing. So we look out over this beautiful scenery at sunset!!! I’m trying my best friend not show my frustration. (I am starving and freezing and Darren hadn’t offered me his coat, which was so out of character for him) so while we are taking in the beautiful sunset and the beautiful scenery he says to me “did you know that may 20 in 2 years falls on a Friday? ” (we had talked about getting married on a Friday previously). I said no I didn’t. So we are standing looking out of the observation deck. He was standing beside me (or so I thought) the next thing he says with a quivering voice is “well I guess I should ask you first” so then it dawns on me I turn around to find him down on one knee he asked me to marry him. I of course said yes. We were met by applause by all the tourists around us. Then he offered me his coat. We went back down to eat. I found out that their was nothing wrong with my chicken the waitress was in on it and was asked to tell Darren when it was sunset. (being in a Revolving dining room you couldn’t see where the sun was at all times). So at sunset she came I’ve and gave him the hint it was time. I was so excited I didn’t end up eating anyway.