Brittany and Daniel

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How We Met: Daniel and I met when we were 16 years old working together at Paradise Bakery. We also went to the same high school together. As soon as we met we knew we had a connection that was unbreakable. We became best friends and for years had a bond like no other. We were always together and laughing over anything and everything. When we had our first kiss we knew that was it, we were each other’s other half and there was no doubt in our mind that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. Each and every day we have created a stronger bond and a love like no other. Even years later we continue to fall in love over and over again. I couldn’t have imaged a more perfect man.

how they asked: First Daniel surprised me by taking me skydiving for my birthday. He said he would jump first, little did I know he had more than a birthday surprise in mind. As I am still in the air on my way down I see this amazing banner on the ground asking me to marry him. I instantly start with my tears of joy. I land and there’s the most perfect music playing with him on one knee holding the most breathtaking ring asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I am marrying the man of my dreams and couldn’t be more excited!!

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