Brittany and Cody

fireworksHow we met: Cody saw me from a distance at an Indianapolis Colt game on Friday, August 19, 2011.  He knew my sister so he recognized me from seeing me on her Facebook.  He sent a text to my sister that evening, trying to confirm if it was, indeed, who he thought–me!  She responded to him with the grand idea that we should meet–that we would be “perfect for each other–and proceeded to text me with this information as well.  ”  We didn’t end up actually “meeting” that evening, as Cody’s section was fairly far from mine, but my sister gave me his number, and gave him mine, and a blind date (for me at least) was soon in the works! A few short days later, Cody and I officially “met” – we went put-putting, had dinner, and left the date with two big smiles knowing something very special had just begun…. :)

how they asked: It was our two year anniversary two days before ‘the night’–Thursday, August 22nd.  Since it was a week night, Cody told me well in advance that he had made plans for us to celebrate on Saturday. August 24th.  He said he wanted to take me to a nice restaurant in Anderson, IN where Cody went to college, and that I would have to meet him there that evening because “he had softball all day in South Bend.” Later, I found out Cody did NOT have a softball game. He was actually gone setting up for the sweetest day…

I woke up Saturday morning without the slightest clue of what was coming that evening. Maybe it was because Cody asked me to go look at rings the following Sunday, so in my mind, he didn’t even have a ring yet.  Or maybe it was because I am usually ‘so good’ at picking up on surprises and even though EVERYONE knew, my friends and family played their sneaky roles absolutely perfectly.  I had no clue.

I arrived in Anderson at the address Cody had sent me and noticed it wasn’t Cody standing by his car.  It was actually one of his best friends, Jimmie, standing there with a sign that read, “Ms. Brittany Dorsett.”  I will admit, my heart started pounding a little bit because I knew Cody was up to something… But as I mentioned before, he had said enough to trick me and I talked myself out of any thoughts regarding a proposal.  I’m blessed with an extremely romantic man, so after my heart rate calmed down, I reassured myself that Cody was just making our two year celebration really special.  Not knowing ‘how special’ it was actually going to be…

Jimmie and I finally arrived at a house that I had never been to before.  I asked a million questions as Jimmie walked me around the house where I saw Cody standing there–in a suit standing next to a big sign that read, “Young Love Grill…est. January 12, 2012.” Young was for Cody’s last name, and 1/12/12 for the day we said I love you. Behind him there was a beautifully set table for two and even our own ‘Young Love Grill’ menus! We literally had our own restaurant logo!  I could not believe my eyes.

table and sign

Long story short, dinner was wonderful.  One of our friends, Chris, came out as the ‘restaurant photographer’ and took pictures all throughout the evening. Another friend, Clint, was our waiter and the chef :) He made his famous salmon and while we waited for different courses, Cody and I danced by the pond that was just a few feet away.  Come to find out, we were at the home of Cody’s old baseball coach, Don Brandon, and his wonderful wife, Janet. Their house was right across a beautiful pond facing the Anderson baseball field. As a former Anderson baseball player, Cody was able to utilize his connections there and managed to have another friend, Sam, man the press box and play our favorite songs throughout the evening–literally, for the entire neighborhood to hear…

A few times throughout the night I asked Cody, “Are you proposing??” I just couldn’t believe how special the evening was!  He kept telling me, “The night is not going to end in a proposal.”  Once again, I talked myself out of this thought because Cody knew I would want to see my family after getting engaged and, as far as I knew, my sister was on a boat in Chicago, my parents were at an event in downtown Terre Haute, and my brother was in Vancouver, Canada.  So I quickly put the thought of a proposal aside.

Finally, there was one more surprise guest who was suspiciously waiting inside the house.  Chance, “the restaurant manager,” came out with a gift in his hand.



It was a photo book that Cody had created himself!  After I joyfully read through the book, Cody asked me to dance one more time.  One of our favorite songs played, My Only Love by Matt Maher, and I started noticing Cody’s heart rate speeding up.

Next thing you know, the instrumental of “Marry Me” began playing from the press box. Cody pulled out a letter and tearfully mustered through the amazingly written love letter.  At the end of the letter he asked the four words I will never forget “Will you marry me?”, got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring.

The next few moments were a blur because of the sheer joy overwhelming my mind. There were fireworks over the baseball field and then our families and some friends ran out of the house where they had been HIDING. Tears streamed down my face. I could not believe the beautiful turn the night had taken!

proposal proposal 2surpise


After a long celebration at the Brandon household and calls to friends and family, it was time to head back to Indy.  We decided to stop by our friend’s home so I could see a few of my girlfriends. When we arrived, there was another surprise–all of our best friends were waiting inside!

It was absolutely perfect.

I am so thankful for all of the details and thought Cody put into this unforgettable and meaningful engagement.  I am so blessed for his love :)

family family and friendsengaged 3

Photography (proposal): Chris Russell

Photography (after party): Jon Moore