Brittany and Clayton

How We Met

We met on the beach (where he proposed) three years prior, we were there for a friends bday party. I was newly single and he was in a relationship. I saw him and asked my friend about him, she said “that’s Clayton, he’s dating so and so” and I said “he’s so handsome, I’m gonna marry him after they break up” little did I know a few months later, they broke up and he told his best friend about “the girl from the beach” he told him that he saw me and met me but couldn’t talk to me because he Had a gf at the time, but wanted to figure out who I was and take me out. A whole year went by and we thought about each other a lot but never ran in to each other again- he knew my little brother through mutual friends and my little bro had recently gotten engaged. He was on Facebook one day and found me- clicked on the page and then he thought I was the girl my brother had proposed to. He grabbed his best friend and said “this is the girl from the beach, but Conor is marrying her- he beat me to it” he best friend then told him he was an idiot and that I was Conors sister lol a few weeks later, a mutual friend had mentioned my name and Clayton asked about me and told them how beautiful he thought I was. They of course called me and I asked how long he had been single for- they said 10 months so I said “introduce us please!!!!” And then we re connected and fell in love. ❤️ Goes to show, what’s meant to be, will be.

how they asked

This was the best night of my life- after he proposed to me at the beach where we first met, with Chinese lanterns in the sky, candles everywhere, a bon fire and a table set for two with our favorite food, he re enacted our first date night and took me to every place where something significant happened in our relationship. I never knew a love like this existed. Beyond grateful that God led me to him.

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