Brittany and Christopher

How We Met

The first time I saw Christopher I was 14, and I was immediately infatuated. For years I had quite a school girl crush on him. He was my friend’s older brother. He was adorable and played in a band, it was impossible to resist. He always knew I had a thing for him but it was not the right time or situation for us just yet. I thought he did not even know I existed. Years later after both having traveled the globe and lived in a combined 8 different cities fate brought us back North Carolina. I had just moved back from Singapore and was visiting his sister when Christopher answered the door. All those teenage feelings flooded back and for a split second I was 14 again. We spent the night catching up, listening to music and writing a song together. That was where our relationship started and continues to flourish every year

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how they asked

After a year and a half of dating Christopher told me our photographer friend wanted us to do a photo shoot with her to add photos to her portfolio. Of course I was more than happy to comply. He told me it was somewhere outside of Charlotte and she mentioned something about a Airplane runway. I was confused but excited. I begged him to pull over and let us get tacos because I was hungry but he insisted we continue on our journey, little di I know that the weather was taking a turn for the worst and we had to hurry. We pull up to a giant house with a cute little red helicopter in the drive way. A man walks over to our car and says, “Alex is running late, would you guys like to take my helicopter for a spin?”. At this point my mind is racing and I feel bewildered. I seem hesitant but Chris says we should just go with it so we agree. As we are getting into the chopper and putting on our huge headphones I start to connect the dots of what could be happening. The man starts the engine and politely asks what type of music we would like to listen to during our flight. Christopher suggests Jazz and it clicks that this is a much bigger moment than I had originally anticipated. We are flying around the city taking in the incredible view. Out of the corner of my eye I can see how nervous Chris is, he is terrified of heights and he seemed to be fidgeting with his something in his pocket. The pilot says “guess we will be landing soon because of the weather, feel free to talk amongst yourselves”.. Chris then turns to me and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him. I’m floored at the amount of thought and love that went into the entire process and did not even respond, I just kissed him. He asked me if thats a yes and I nod my head. The pilot then handed Chris a cooler with champagne and right there in the helicopter we cheers to “growing old together”, and honestly the rest is a little blurry. I know I cried, gawked at what I consider to be an amazingly perfect diamond ring and tell the man I adore how much I love and appreciate everything about him. Turns out the whole thing had been caught on a hidden video in the front of the helicopter which I now own. To top the entire experience off he had made reservations at a lovely hotel in downtown Charlotte and we had dinner arrangements at a fancy restaurant where my menu had a beautiful personalized message to me from Chris. If I am absolutely certain of anything in this life it is that Christopher is my soul mate and best friend. Image 4 of Brittany and ChristopherImage 5 of Brittany and ChristopherImage 6 of Brittany and ChristopherImage 7 of Brittany and Christopher

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