Brittany and Chase

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How We Met

I met this firefighter in the most unlikely of places. I was a city girl, in a country bar for my friends bachelorette when he asked me to dance. I of coarse said no, but the bride-to-be told me I had to. Our worlds just collided, the music was a bluff, and all of a sudden it was like he hung the moon. We discovered we had both been working in the same Pediatric Trauma center, both of us in the Emergency room for months and never crossed paths. We were a cliche in every sense, the nurse and the fireman. We both said we got lucky. I swore I would never date a firefighter, and he wasn’t the biggest fan of ER nurses. But he was everything I needed and nothing I was looking to find. I grew up in a city, he was a country boy. He taught me how to hunt, and shoot, how to fish and even kill spiders by myself. He has been my strength through hard times, and has held my hand through everything. The truth is I’m not healthy, I have several autoimmune diseases and my future is uncertain. But the one thing I know without any doubt is this hero is mine for always.

how they asked

It was a quiet Sunday morning and we were getting ready to meet his entire family for Sunday lunch. I knew he had the ring, because he liked to tease me about it. I never once looked for it, I knew he would ask when he was done teasing me. While I was searching frantically for a pair of navy blue shorts he said to me “have you even looked for the ring?” I laughed at him and said “no.” He said “you should look for it now it would be really easy to find.” I turned around and saw a box in the pocket of his shorts. He pulled it out and opened it and all I could say was ” are you being serious?” “is this for real?” ” you aren’t going to take it back right?” I couldn’t be happier to hear him say “will you marry me?” It was perfectly unplanned and romantic, and everything I wanted. I’m not the girl to go for flowers or big gestures. I value the quiet moments in life the most. And I’ll cherish that Sunday morning for the rest of my life He is my best friend, my hero and my partner for life.
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