Brittany and Cassidy

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How We Met

Cassidy and I met in college at Taylor University. He saw me at a football game, found me on Facebook, and asked me to coffee. I asked a friend who knew him if I should go, and she told me I was an idiot if I didn’t because he was the nicest guy in the entire world. We went to coffee and spent the entire time laughing so much my cheeks hurt. We dated for about a month, until the nicest guy in the entire world broke my heart. Later, we became friends, and kept in contact over the years. Reflecting back, it’s clear that we were meant to be together, as we even bumped into each other amidst thousands of people during the Christmas parade in downtown Chicago, it just wasn’t God’s timing yet.
When we were both living in Indianapolis, we reconnected, and he told me I was “the one who got away,” then asked me to dinner. I of course said no, and suggested ice cream instead. After a couple ice cream and coffee dates, I finally said yes to an official dinner date. After we had eaten, I was hit with a 24 hour flu bug, and spent two and a half hours in his apartment bathroom throwing up. I will never forget looking in the mirror thinking, “I have never looked worse in my entire life, and I have to go back out there and face this guy.” Thankfully, he was extremely sweet taking care of me, and it could only go up from there!

Our relationship grew, and we have truly become best friends and companions. We love serving on the greeting team together at our church, and are happiest spending time together. Our personalities complement each other so well as he is the type A organized businessman, and I’m the free spirited artist. We couldn’t be more excited as we begin our adventure together!

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how they asked

Cassidy and I had planned to go to the Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree for his apartment after church a couple weeks in advance. I knew he was planning to propose before the end of the year, but I had no idea when it was coming. Every other time I thought it was a possibility, he acted so normal that I dismissed it. I had previously considered this could be a good option, but we went to church that morning, greeted like usual, and he was SO normal all day, I had forgotten I had even thought there was potential this could be the day.

When we arrived at the farm I was completely oblivious to his plans, as his cousin and the photographer were already there and had planted an ornament containing the ring in a tree in the Canaan lot, communicating the location to Cassidy. He told me he wanted Canaan tree and we needed to go to that lot first, which I easily agreed to because I’ve never had a real Christmas tree.

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We started off asking for directions, but the worker tried to talk Cassidy out of a Canaan tree, making Cass begin to sweat he wasn’t going to be able to pull this off. Thankfully, I was completely oblivious, and the worker finally conceded giving us directions. As we were walking past all of what seemed to me as perfectly nice Christmas trees, I began to ask questions like “what’s so special about these Canaan trees anyway?” The lawyer in Cass was able to think on his toes, and he lied that they were the kind of trees he’d had growing up. So we continued on.

As we approached the lot, I started to make it a little bit more challenging, complaining these trees were not what I had in mind. I said things like “I don’t want one of those trees! They’re ugly! I want one of these,” trying to convince him to go the opposite direction. He pleaded, “please just come look at these first,” and I reluctantly followed. Looking back, he was booking it through the farm, but I just figured his type A personality was coming through, and I casually meandered along behind him.

He spotted the ornament and said “what about this tree?!” as he headed towards it. I didn’t see the ornament at first and even thought he was talking about a different tree, which I stopped to look at, responding “ew, no. That one is hideous.” He led me over and reassured, “no, this one.” I saw the ornament on the tree and in my head thought “this tree is so ugly, it’s on sale, and they put an ornament on it to signify it’s on special.” But he walked right up to the ornament, took it off the tree and turned around to face me.

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From that point, it all happened so fast, and as he said my full name and smiled, it hit me what was happening, and right at that moment I also heard the photographer’s camera clicking, spotted him, further confirming it. This was the moment I had been so anxiously looking forward to sharing with the love of my life.

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He opened the ornament to pull out the ring, and got down on one knee. I tried to soak it all in, beginning to laugh and cry, repeating “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!” as I wiped away tears. He asked, “Brittany Diane Wilt, will you be my forever and always and please marry me?” I emphatically replied “YES!!!” through the tears of joy, and he put the perfect ring on my finger, then he picked me up as we hugged and I cried, and we laughed, saying “we’re engaged! We’re engaged!”

It was the most beautiful perfect moment (although I did make him work for it a little bit), filled with so much joy, love, and happiness. He loves me so well, and I am beyond blessed to be able to stand beside my best friend for the rest of forever and always.

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