Brittany and Carlos

How We Met

We actually worked as teacher’s aides in the same classroom for a whole year! I always thought she was beautiful and wanted to talk to her but I was too shy to approach her. I waited until the end of the school year to start talking to her and the rest is history. Brittany: We met in a school when we were working as teacher’s aides in the same class. He actually covered my students before I came in each day. We worked together for a whole year and never spoke more than a few words to one another, even though the woman we worked with constantly told me how cute he was. Finally, he “slid into my DMs” one summer day and 4+ years later, here we are!

How They Asked

We go to Philly every year for our anniversary. It has grown to be a special place for us so I knew that I needed to have that in the plan. We live in NJ so I told her that I wanted to spend a night in Philly to check out all the winter festivities. I also had my family and her family book hotels to spend the night in Philly to have them be a part of the special moment. Leading up to the week of the proposal, there was snow in the forecast and a few days before, it turned into rain. I was super upset but I decided to go along with the plan anyways. As Brittany and I got into Philly, we went to the Winter Fest right on the river while everybody checked into their hotels. Once the coast was clear, we went to our hotel and told her to get ready for a fancy dinner. As we were walking to the restaurant, I took her through Love Park and we had both families plus John, our photographer, waiting there. The first person she noticed was her father and she started balling crying. I had her father bring the ring from home so that I didn’t have to worry about hiding it all day long. As we said hi to everybody, her father handed me the ring. I brought her in front of the LOVE statue and proposed. Even though it was raining, it was a truly perfect moment that we’ll never forget. Brittany had some sort of idea that something was happening that weekend but she had no idea our families would be involved. Brittany: He told me we were going to Philly for the night to celebrate our anniversary, which was over a month previous to the date. Although I was confused, I tried not to ask that many questions (even if he thinks I asked more than I ever have before.) There was a snow storm coming that weekend so my main concern was making sure we could get home that next day so I continuously checked the weather. Luckily the weather held out and rain was in the forecast. We were going to a fancy dinner (only detail I could know) and as we were walking to dinner that night, my main concern was getting out of the freezing rain. We came across the Love Park and from afar, I saw my dad. I was super confused, but then I saw his younger brother as well. By then I was crying and could barely muster a “hello” to everyone, who he was casually greeting. Then the proposal happened and I can’t even tell you anything he said, just that it happened and I couldn’t contain my tears. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

Special Thanks

J&J Studios, LLC
 | Photography
LOVE Statue
 | Location