Brittany and Calvin

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How We Met

I and my love met at a church through a mutual friend. ☺️ I was the soprano singer in my college (WMU) choir and he was the new drummer for the choir! We started off strictly friends (I thought he had a girlfriend) and then grew to this beautiful committed relationship we have now! We are inseparable. I can’t imagine life without him now.

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How They Asked

He proposed the day before my birthday! After our 1-hour boat ride with a few family and friends, we get to the dock to let everyone off. Just before I’m getting ready to get off he tells me to sit my drink down and the music starts playing (Love-Musiq Soulchild). He gets on one knee and I’m in shock 😲😁and excitement. He pours his heart out to me and began to put the ring on my finger.

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The ring didn’t fit (on purpose) side note: that was his grandmother’s ring❤️. I’m just like that’s ok that’s fine (no one knew what was going at this point but his brother) and he turns around and pulls out the exact ring that I wanted!!!!!! All I could do is cry and he asked me to marry him! Jumping up and down with excitement, I didn’t hesitate to say yes to being with him forever! I am in love with him can’t wait to spend forever with my God sent King!

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