Brittany and Brooks

Brittany and Brooks's Engagement in Seaside, Florida

How We Met

I met Brooks our sophomore year at Texas Christian University. However, what Brooks didn’t know is that I already knew of him. My freshman year roommate mentioned that a guy from her high school was also in the business school and that we would be a great match for each other. She offered to give me his number, but I declined the gesture. My roommate and I moved home for the Summer but would be reunited as roommates once again the sophomore year (our school requires you to live on campus the first two years). Due to sorority recruitment, my roommates and I were able to move in earlier than others in the dorm. On move-in day, a resident assistant mentioned that our room was the only non-BYX room in the hall. Unsure what BYX was, our mothers asked and after the shock of hearing “guys” learned that BYX was the Christian Fraternity and were at ease once more. The following week, the 12 boys moved in and were immediately recruited to assist with moving furniture for me and my two roommates. Brooks then happened to walk into our suite and past my room, when I heard “that’s him!” from my roommate. We finally met and instantly hit it off. We invited each other to our sorority’s and fraternity’s Victory, which happened to be back-to-back nights, and the rest was history.

Proposal Ideas Seaside, Florida

how they asked

For our last spring break, we decided to get some friends together and go to Seaside, Florida for the week. At the end of our trip, one of our friends claimed that his mom wanted us to collect a little bit of white sand for her collection. So on the way to dinner, we stopped by the beach, however, instead of collecting sand Brooks led me to the shoreline where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Our friends were close by taking pictures of our special moment. We quickly celebrated due to the cold and windy weather before heading to dinner to continue the celebration.