Brittany and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met a few years ago after he was stationed in the town I grew up in. Through mutual friends and a local charity festival (okay, okay… local charity beer festival) we hit it off. I gave him my number (which is something I would NEVER DO) and we began casually dating. I was completely smitten. Well, life happens and fast forward a lot of months later and we have baby Ella! She is the best thing to happen to either of us. And right before she turned 1 year old, her dad asked her mom to marry him!

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how they asked

Brian told me we were going out to dinner with our daughter, Ella. I got myself and Ella ready as usual. We began driving and kept driving for an hour as I began to wonder where exactly we were going to dinner. When pulled up to Eden State Gardens (which is a beautiful state park full of oak trees and gardens). Brian got the stroller out of the car and the three of us started to walk around admiring the beautiful landscape. As Brian started making a very heartfelt speech, my heart swelled. I wanted to cry of happiness but could only get out A LOT of nervous giggles.

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Down on one knee, with our daughter watching peacefully, he asked if I would marry him and obviously I said YES. I’m so happy Ella was there to watch this special moment in our lives. The entire day was a dream.

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Special Thanks

Anneliese Andrew
 | Photographer