Brittany and Brett

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How We Met

I first laid my eyes on Brittany walking through the halls at our high school. She was this adorable girl with a bubbly, yet shy personality. She defined the word cute in every aspect. Brittany was a member of the band and I attended most of the football games, and would scream her name when it got quiet at halftime to embarrass her and know that she would see me in the stands. I was hooked from day one.

how they asked

I had begun planning months before the big day, not really knowing what I wanted to do. All I knew, was that I had to be sure it was special and she’d never forget it. It was the day of our 5th anniversary, so she knew we would do something that day or the weekend coming up. I got up as if it were a normal day for work, little did she know that I wouldn’t be going in at all that day. I bought her a new special dress that I knew she had mentioned liking on a previous trip to the mall. Next, I laid out her outfit, left her a list with instructions, and a GPS with the address with where she needed to be. I rented a private room at the fanciest restaurant I knew of in East Texas that sits on a private lake. (I had rented a gazebo on the lake orginally, but that fell through due to the weather.) I gathered both sets of parents and hired a photographer who pretended to be a casual guest dining at the restaurant with her husband. The parents and I patiently waited for Brittany’s arrival, and the photographer took her place outside of the private room doors. My heart began to race as I saw valet take her car and watched her approach the front door. I greeted her and walked her back to our room, where the door slid open and revealed our parents all sitting at the table. Then I took her in front of the fireplace and told her how much I cared for her and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. As I got down on one knee, she started to cry and forgot to tell me yes or no! After that slight awkwardness of wondering why I was still kneeling, she realized that she had forgotten to answer and said YES!

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Special Thanks

Casey Douglas
 | Photography
Lago Del Piño
 | Restaurant and Room