Brittany and Brandon

We had gone to watch a show that I had choreographed and decided to have a date night afterward at my favorite restaurant. To kill time before dinner, we went to downtown Fort Worth to walk around and have a drink. Brandon suggested that we go to Sundance square to watch the fountains.

As we stood in front of the fountains, Brandon hugged me and told me that he really loved me and that he felt like now would be a great time to ask me to marry him. He bent down and pulled a ring box out of his boot and asked me to be his wife.

I said yes and was completely oblivious to the secret photographer that he had hired until he told me to smile for the camera. We had an impromptu engagement photo shoot where I had to walk around downtown barefoot because both my shoes broke! Afterward, he surprised me again with an engagement party at my favorite restaurant with our family and friends.

Special Thanks