Brittany and Bradley

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Britt was away on a business trip and one morning while I was getting ready for work at 5am it hit me that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She checked off every box on my list and I just had to find a way to get her the ring I felt she deserved.

After about 2 months of planning and coordinating to make this happen I told her that I was feeling awful for working so much that I just wanted to spend a “date day” with her. She started the morning getting her hair done and that’s when it began. I went to pick her up and told her we were headed to brunch… there was no brunch. We were headed to our high school where we met 13 years prior but she didn’t know. About half way there I blind folded her and told her I had a couple of surprises on the way to brunch, she was still clueless of what was going on. When we finally arrived it was quite the mission to walk her blind folded onto a football field since she was in wedges. After a little speech where I shook, squirmed and stumbled through I had her remove her blind fold and turn around so that I could take a knee and ask her to marry me.

Not to be cheesy but ever since that day and hearing her say he’s things in my life have just seemed much brighter and easier.

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Special Thanks

Carly Rosenblit
 | Photography
 | Jeweler